Black Monday: A Move To Defend White Monopoly Capital And Land Thieves – BLF


Black First Land First (BLF) movement demanded of black South Africans to abandon the Black Monday agitation and the shutdown planned on Friday, 7th April 2017 saying it’s a move to defend white monopoly capital and land thieves.

Following President Zuma’s reshuffling of the cabinet, a social media campaign named “Black Monday” charged South Africans to wear black clothing on Monday and protest against President Zuma.

 Reacting to Black Monday campaign, BLF asserted that the call for Black Monday is to defend white monopoly capital and land thieves.

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“The white owned media is not telling the truth. Lies are being said about the reasons why President Zuma reshuffled (the) cabinet.

“Our people are being misled by Pravin Gordhan and his gang who want South Africa to remain in white hands. Gordhan has shares in all the banks which exploit the poor.

“He has blocked many black banks from being licenced because he didn’t want competition for white banks. Similarly, Gordhan has blocked the licencing of a state bank. Gordhan was appointed after white monopoly capital assaulted the Rand as part of economic terrorism,” BLF claimed.

Also, BLF contended that the new minister hasn’t signed the nuclear deal. According to the movement, the news about the new minister signing the nuclear deal “is repeated by the media to try and turn the people against President Zuma because he is calling for land to be returned to black people.”

Noting that President Zuma is also calling for radical economic change that will poor excluded from the economy, BLF proclaimed that those who own SA land and economy are protected by people like Pravin Gordhan.

“Now, they want to use the people to do the dirty work of defending white capital and land thieves.

The call to remove President Zuma is led by the Democratic Allience (DA); which is a party of white monopoly capital and land thieves.

Helen Zille is openly saying colonialism was not bad. The DA was founded by Tony Leon whose father was an apartheid hanging judge who helped hang young revolutionaries like Andrew Zondo and Solomon Mahlangu.

These are the people today calling for President Zuma to be removed. We must refuse to be used by these agents of white interests.”

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With the above, BLF called on “our people” to join the fight against white monopoly capital and its agents.  Warning blacks about being used against their own interests, BLF inspired that the struggle for land to be returned and the economy transformed must be advanced.

“Reject the Black Monday call. Reject the shutdown planned for Friday,” BLF charged.