Watch As BLF Members Protect Guptas From Save SA, JAI Protesters


A protest march led by the Save South Africa campaign group and Johannesburg Against Injustice (JAI) turned a little chaotic as BLF members tried to protect the controversial Gupta family.

The protesters almost exchanged blows with the BLF members who took a stand to protect the family’s right to hold a week-long religious ceremony at a military museum in Saxonwold, Jozi.

The event happened on Saturday when the Gupta family kicked off their week-long Shrimad Bhagwat Katha event in Saxonwold, but were interrupted by members from Save SA and JAI who staged a silent protest against the Guptas while the event lasted.

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Both Save SA and JAI say that the Gupta family have no right to host a religious event that honors selflessness which, according to them, is the antithesis of the Gupta family.

While the BLF mount intimidating pressure on the protesters urging them to back down, Save SA and JAI insist they would continue with their protest to nail their point about their anger towards the family.

“We are not intimidated by anybody, we’re not afraid of anybody, we are here and have made our voices heard and we’re going to continue to do so,” Save SA’s Themba Masongo told EWN, insisting that both the Guptas and Jacob Zuma should leave South Africa.

“We are saying they are no longer welcomed in the country we are not fooled anymore.”

BLF claims the attacks on the Guptas are orchestrated by ‘White Monopoly Capital’… go figure. The group had earlier condemned the protest marches carried out in South Africa’s major cities, saying the marches were hatched by the same people who wished to see black people remain poor and landless and thus should not be encouraged by Black South Africans.

The movement said SA citizens need not allow themselves to be manipulated by racist agenda of opposition parties who wan the country destroyed.

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“The call to shutdown is a plan hatched from London by the same agents of imperialism who want blacks to remain poor and landless in their own country,”

“Pravin Gordhan had to be recalled from London. [Democratic Alliance leader] Mmusi Maimane was also in London recently and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have a direct relationship with [former diplomat and now crossbench member of the House of Lords] Lord Robin Renwick,” said BLF national spokesperson Zanele Lwana.

Lwana said the opposition parties had failed in their use of the mechanisms available to them, and if they felt that Zuma acted wrongly or unlawfully when he reshuffled Cabinet they should go to court.