BLF Leader: If Blacks Are Declared Monkeys White Will Stop Shooting Us


Thus saith the BLF leader – blacks aren’t safe in South Africa, and they (blacks) have to be declared monkeys.

That’s only when whites will stop shooting blacks and claim they thought their shots were aimed at monkeys, Andile Mngxitama expressed.

The BLF (Black First Land First) leader was reacting to reports about a 12-year-old boy who was shot in Braemar, KwaZulu-Natal while he was climbing a tree in search of guavas.

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From our gatherings, the boy, Bongumusa Duma, was shot by an 87-year-old man who believed he was a monkey. The bullet pierced Duma’s upper body and head, giving the lad no chance but to died at the scene.

Confirming the tragic incident, the communications officer of Scottburgh SAPS, Captain Vincent Pandarum said:

“A child has lost his life in a senseless incident which would never have occurred if people didn’t keep breaking the law by shooting monkeys.”

This wouldn’t be the first time such incident is happening in South Africa. Quite recently, a Pretoria hunter shot and killed a farm-worker, believing  he was a warthog.

The 39-year-old Stephan Hepburn was dragged to the Modimolle Magistrate’s Court and was charged with murder for killing 23-year-old Jan Railwa.

A similar incident in 2014 led to the conviction of Johannes Fourie. The farmer was faulted for an unlawful handling of a firearm, and jailed for six months after he shot and injured one of his workers saying he thought it was a baboon.

Before that, Sipho Mbatha in 2011, was shot and killed by the owner of Doorn Poort Farm in KwaZulu-Natal who claimed his bullet was aimed at a dog.

The same year, Julie Crossberg killed his Zimbabwean farm worker saying he believed it was a baboon.

Reacting to the recent incident, the BLF leader twitted:

Meanwhile, BLF has rejected Julius Malema’s call to dissolve parliament for early elections, warning the EFF lord to stop his eagerness to unite with the DA, a party of land thieves.

In a media statement, BLF highlighted the under-listed as its reasons for rejecting Malema’s call to dissolve parliament and conduct an early election.

  1. This is an attempt to deflect attention from the call by President Zuma for black political parties to unite and make sure that land is returned without compensation.
  2.  BLF does not want an election to rotate politicians. We want land. Why is Julius Malema not showing true leadership and responding to the call of President Zuma?
  3. Black people are tired of elections. We want land! Why give us elections instead of land? We have already had many elections. Elections don’t give us land.
  4. We call on Malema to unite with blacks. We call on him to stop his eagerness to unite with the Democratic Alliance (DA), which is a party of land thieves.
  5. BLF is calling on all blacks to focus on what is correct. We call on our people to support the call by President Zuma for blacks to unite and bring back the land.
  6. We reject attempts to divert attention from this fundamental task.

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To BLF, President Zuma’s call for black political parties to unite and make sure that land is returned without compensation, is the most important and most significant pronouncement since 1994.

“…If we get the  land question right, we can become a people again. White people are racist because they have economic power.

“They have the power to employ a Zimbabwean for example and pay him lesser than a South African and instigate black on black violence. And our people engage in black on black violence because they are hungry.

“They don’t have land. Once they have land all the other social problems including black on black violence will be solved,” BLF stated.