Blandford Manor Bans ‘Problem Children’ From Its venue


Blandford Manor, a popular venue in Randburg, Johannesburg has banned all children below the age of 15 from its premises.

On a letter posted on its, website, the management said that badly behaved children not only damaged the property but also terrorized, and in some cases, killed some of the animals on the premises.

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In it’s instruction which was implemented on January 12, the owner, Peter Chaldecott said that Blandford Manor was envisioned to be a place where people could come and relax, away from the stresses of every day life. A place of peace and tranquility where the only sounds were those of the birds and gently flowing water. But that their vision on the venue has been marred by some unruly children from families who visit the place.

“So it was after a long period of soul searching that we finally made our decision to ban children. Over the years we have had many wonderful families visit us with incredibly well behaved children, and it was with this fact that encouraged us to delay our decision for so long.

Regrettably we found that it only takes one family with badly behaved children to be destructive and destroy the peace and tranquility of the venue, and we have had more than our fair share of such families”. he said.

Chaldecott added that he gradually started losing more of his regular clients who could not condone the attitudes of some of these children while the number of guests with “problem” children increased.

“While some groups without children are tolerant of the situation, many are not, so we found ourselves gradually losing more and more of our regular clients while increasing the number of clients with ‘problem’ children, many of which visit once or twice and then move on to different venues with more children’s activities”he said.

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Explaining the factors that led to their decision, Chaldecott gave two primary reasons which are

  1. When parents send their children away to play while they (the parents) sit to enjoy the quiet environment. By such act, the children were given the opportunity to do what they have been told thus leading the children to danger. “Signage means nothing, nor does safety, and this places us, as owners, in a very difficult position” he said.
  2. Children term to annoy other guests who would find them rather noisy. Chaldecott said that despite bringing in endless rules and regulations (no balls, no bikes etc), they found it challenging to manage the situation.

Chaldecott added that among the afore mentioned, the children had also “injure the animals, interfered directly with the enjoyment of other guests, damaged our property, simply being extremely rude”.

The letter had raised mixed reactions from the public. While some agreed to the decision, some said the tone of the letter was appalling. To this, Chaldecott explained that the tone of the letter was not meant to be sarcastic, but simply a reflection of how he felt about the matter.

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