Nzimande: ANC Cannot Rescue Itself, Let Alone Saving SA


For those South Africans hoping that the governing social democratic political party, ANC will rise back to its feet and take the country the promise land, SACP’s Blade Nzimande said this cannot happen because the ruling party have lost all it takes to bounce back.

Nzimande who was delivering SACP’s political report on the second day of its congress in Boksburg‚ east of Johannesburg‚ said he strongly believes the ruling ANC’s recovery will not be anytime soon.

He said ANC leaders had no firm grasp of the challenges facing the ANC and SA as a whole let alone finding a lasting solution to the problems.

“You know‚ when you hear some of our leaders say they will pick up the rand when it falls‚ you just despair‚” he said, pointing out that the leaders clearly had no concept of the difficulties faced by countries when their credit ratings are downgraded to junk status.

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Blade Nzimande touched various areas where the ruling party seems to be facing most of its challenges. One of the areas touched was the Gupta and the so-called white monopoly capital.

The tripartite alliance party leader said though the family could have an influence on SA policies, the family is not an answer to monopoly capital; they are two sides of the same coin.

He railed against accusations that the SACP did nothing about allegations of undue corporate capture but had shown enthusiasm on the issue of speaking out against so-called state capture. the party had long waged a campaign against abuses by the financial sector, he said.

He said: “Don’t come and tell us‚ the SACP‚ that we have done nothing about corporate capture. We waged that struggle [against the financial sector] so that the banking sector could benefit millions more people.

“If you weaken [state-owned companies], we have no weapon to which to roll back the effects of monopoly capital.” he said.

Blade Nzimande’s comment about the fate of the ANC brings to mind people’s view on the ANC’s just concluded 5th policy conference.

Though the conference ended with the party delegates deliberating on the party’s major problems, critics say solutions were not given to the raised issues.

The conference came amid growing public discontent about the way the country is run, intensified by adverse assessments of rating agencies as well as the fact that the economy is in recession and people hoped that solutions for these challenges will be mapped out by the end of the conference only for their hopes to be dashed out.

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Nevertheless, Zuma who appeared buoyed at the end of the conference, dubbed the conference a success in his closing address.

The ANC, according to analysts blew away its chances to regain South Africa’s trust by not listening to people’s cry for change.

The ANC seems to have forgotten that it’ s not just a political organisation or a liberation movement. It is a governing party and how it responds to its responsibility of governing is the business of South Africa’s 55 million citizens, critics say.

Members of the tripartite alliance, SACP and COSATU has even threatened to leave the mother party if it fails to resolve its crisis.  The two have banned President Jacob Zuma from attending their meetings and asked for the Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to be sent instead.

On these developments, the South African Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande said the ruling ANC should expect the worst if they fail to listen to the people.

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