Black On White Racism – The Ignored Trend


So, while the rage was spreading about Penny Sparrow’s post and the comments Jeanine made, blacks have cried foul about the unjust way whites think of them and treat them. They believe that they should not have to go through all of that since apartheid has ended and there are no longer rules that binds anyone to not living a free life.

Now while blacks were reacting, the white people of South Africa have equally spoken up concerning all the racist comments they have had to endure and the ones that they have had a hard time letting go.

This in essence means that blacks have been making comments like that of Penny Sparrow about whites and no one has complained or said anything about it all the while. More so, after Penny Sparrow’s comments went viral, the venom of racism has been flying in both directions with each side voicing their displeasure and wanting it to be addressed.

In this regard, the idea has come up that there is as much white on black racism as there is black on white racism. For instance, take a look at this letter post by a black south African.

fb post

What of this one that was posted after the Sparrow incident.

fbpost 2

or this other call to poison all whites in SA


Or this comparison of whites to monkeys which was the same thing Penny did

fb post4

Racism is racism and it is not better taken out on any particular people. These posts about whites are just as bad as the ones about blacks. The idea that black on white racism is ignored all this while is becoming a fact that can no longer be ignored.

Now following ANC’s deliberation on criminalizing any act of racism, there is a faint hope that all the acts will die down and people can go about their daily activities without fear of being poisoned or hacked to death because of their skin color. Most importantly, lets do away with racism and stay far away from anyone who is for a better South Africa.