Black Mamba Hitchhikes To shop in Hoedspruit


We warned you about this didn’t we? We told you that the heat waves and bush fires will be chasing creeping beings to your doorstep. Well now, them creeping beings can go shopping with you as well, just like the two meters long black mamba cruising a Pep store at a shopping center in Hoedspruit, Limpopo.

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According to Times Live report, the highly venomous snake which must have gotten to the shopping center after it hitched a ride beneath a car caught the attention of the shopping crowd who were dazed to see the venomous creature cruising about the shopping center as though it’s on a pleasure trip.

Narrating this incident, Brass Brassett who’s reported to be a nature guide and programme manager at Campfire Academy recounted how her weekly grocery shopping was disrupted by the unusual shopper.

“There was a massive crowd of people and when I got there I saw that the snake was a black mamba of at least two metres in length, doing some window shopping. It’s not uncommon here for snakes to catch a ride underneath a car and end up in built-up areas…The crowd was making a huge racket and most people were frightened, but the mamba was remarkably relaxed,” Brassett narrated.

She further related that with the help of another shopper, she trapped the snake in a cardboard box until the snake people from the close-by Kinyonga Reptile Centre showed up in about 10 minutes and safely remove the creature.

You don’t have to worry about the well-being of the snake. Donald Strydom, the owner of the reptile center disclosed that the snake is doing fine but will remain quarantined for one week.

Adding that his center is trying to figure-out where the black mamba came from so that they can return it home, Strydom stated that “the snake looks very healthy and for the next week or so we will conduct tests to find out whether it has any diseases, as well as probing it to determine its gender.”

It may be of your interest to know that the black mamba’s bite is regarded as a “kiss of death”. I mean, the snake is crowned the most dangerous and feared snake in Africa. Its venom is highly toxic and potent to such extent that it can cause humans to collapse within 45 or less where death occurs in 7 to 15 hours after bite if useful anti-venom therapy isn’t administered.

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