Black Lawyers Are Pissed With Zuma’s White Legal Team


Honorable President Jacob Zuma is everywhere in the news, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are dancing red all over the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, many are hoping Zuma may finally fall, Nkandla is the issue, and the Black Lawyers Association (BLA) are not happy with Zuma for preferring to battle his Nkandla issues with white legal team.

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Wailing that the government is fond of ignoring black legal practitioners, BLA President, Lutendo Sigogo stated that the government “has shown over time that it has not any regard to the competency of black legal practitioners.” To Sigogo, the government has “ably demonstrated this by briefing the same white male counsel on all serious matters.”

Sigogo pointed out that black legal practitioners have been tolerant irrespective of them being aware of the continuous undermining of their capabilities. He remarked that the government’s attitude is an insult to the black lawyers of South Africa.

BLA argued that the President ought to have consulted black lawyers in line with affirmative action policies of the ANC mission-ed to better South Africa for all.

“The representatives of the state say one thing whereas their deeds actually reflect the opposite when it comes to briefing of black legal practitioners, particularly the black advocates,” BLA stated.

“President Zuma as the first citizen of the country is expected to lead by example when it comes to transformation of the legal profession and affirmative action of the previously disadvantaged legal practitioners, which are all policies of the ANC led government.

If the President cannot lead by example and brief black counsel how then are we supposed to expect the white dominated corporate world to brief the black legal practitioners. When the black government took power in 1994 the marginalized black legal practitioners hoped that things will change for the better, little did they know that the more things change the more they remain the same.”

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