Black Consciousness Movement Sick Of Blaming White For Black-On-Black Evils


“This message is for Zuma and his leadership” said the Black Consciousness Movement, “we are tired of blaming white people for the things black people do to black people.”

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the Black Consciousness Movement visited the prison where struggle icon, Steve Biko died. The visit was to commemorate Steve Biko Day and celebrate the life of the icon who struggled for the liberation of blacks.

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The Black Consciousness Party, the Socialist Party of Azania, the Blackhouse Kollective and Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo) all gathered at the at Kgosi Mampuru II Prison to celebrate the anniversary of the death of the Black Consciousness leader.

There, the Black Consciousness Movement sent out a message to President Zuma demanding he quit his oppression of black South Africans.

To them, late Biko isn’t having a peaceful rest due to the ugly state of the country.

Speaking, Azapo’s President, Professor Itumeleng Mosala said: “this is a surreal moment when black people have to fight for service delivery from a government led by a former liberation movement.

Every time a black person gets involved in corruption, they do so in the name of black people. Stop denying our people access to land because every time a black president does this, they do so in the name of black people.

We are tired of blaming white people for the things black people do to black people. The oppression of our people at this point in time is not by white people, but by black people.

This message is for Zuma and his leadership. As the Black Consciousness Movement, we will not rest until our people are free,” Mosala charged.

Meanwhile, the EFF stated that Biko was brutally murdered in 1977 for speaking the truth.

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Adding that the economic condition of blacks has not effectively, been affected by a new political climate, the EFF tasked the ANC to re-engage the liberation struggle by liberating themselves of corruption, self-hate and fear of white monopoly capital.