Like Father, Like Son, DJ Black Coffee’s Son Follows Daddy’s Path


Going by the proverbial phrase – like father, like son, DJ Black Coffee’s son Esona‚ seems to be walking in his father’s footsteps.

A recent Instagram post by the award winning DJ depicts a proud dad who is happy to see his son following the path he laid out for him.

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DJ Black screen grabbed a conversation he was having with his eldest son, Esona and shared it with fans. Father and son were having a conversation about a gig that was pulled off successfully.

Moreover, Esona informed his dad that he and a friend got a pay cheque after playing a set at an event‚ for the second time.

“Got paid for our second performance last night‚” Esona wrote to a proud dad.

“R500 and we split. We got to play what we wanted‚” he added excitedly.

Proud of Boy boy….he won't be impressed with me posting this but guess who's the Boss 🤓 #proudfather #music #family #boystomen

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However, the young lad admitting to Black Coffee that their set wasn’t a bed of roses.

Proud of his son, Black Coffee went on to share a secret with him. He advised him to put his payment back into his music to help it grow.

“Well done. Hope you invest your money back in your music‚” he wrote back to Esona.

In addition, he revealed to him that he only started getting paid for gigs on his second year in the business.

“Never got paid for my second gig‚ in fact‚ I only started getting paid on the second year. Well done to you and your mate.”

Apparently, DJ Black Coffee’s son may not like that his conversation with daddy was made public. Nevertheless, his dad sure appeared to be proud to share it.

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Meanwhile, Black Coffee is the proud winner of the most desired BET Award which he won in June. He beat several hot artists from South Africa and beyond to bring the trophy home.