Black Business Council (BBC): Mzwanele Manyi Quits As BBC Operational Leader


Former government spokesperson and businessman Mzwanele Manyi has confirmed his resignation as the operational head of the Black Business Council (BBC).

Manyi, who was elected as Head of Policy in September 2016, confirmed his resignation as the group’s operational leader, saying it was necessary due to his ever increasing responsibilities and time constraints.

The Business mogul further explained that though he has relinquished his operational responsibilities, he is still a member of the council by virtue of being the president of the Progressive Professional’s Forum (PPF).

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He said he is involved in multiple projects and had to decline the important appointment at the eminent persons group within the ministry of sports because of time constraints.

“If you think that by holding many positions you are going to be ineffective on some of them, drop them and focus so that you can make an impact. There is no point in me being head of the foundation, head of PPF and being head of policy,” he said as he encouraged leaders to learn not to bite more than they could chew.

Prior to Manyi’s resignation, the BBC has been in talks with National Treasury and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan about creating a budget that would speed up radical economic transformation.

Manyi has this year vowed to take President Jacob Zuma to court over Bill to combat corruption, white collar crime‚ terrorism and money laundering.

Speaking after Zuma returned the Bill to Parliament, Manyi said himself and Black Business Council (BBC) will not allow the President to sign into law something that will plunge this country into crisis”.

“We will interdict him in a court of law if he signs this because he won’t be doing his duty in applying the Constitution‚” he said.

Similarly, Black Business Council President Danisa Baloyi condemned the bill saying it had the potential to impact on South Africa’s sovereignty and democracy “by virtue of what is omitted” from it.

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Baloyi alleged that even though it was not even enacted‚ banks were already closing the accounts of ‘hard working’ BBC members and listing others as politically exposed persons (or PEPS).

The Black Business Council (BBC) and the PPF under Manyi wrote to the President last year requesting that he withdraws from signing the bill because several clauses were unconstitutional.