Here’s The ‘Bitch Switch’, ‘Good Looking Women’ Story About Cell C


Cell C is a popular mobile operator in South Africa. South Africans are, sometimes, pissed with their services for a reason or another. But no one knows about this ‘bitch switch’, ‘good-looking women’ story until CEO Jose Dos Santos had his interview with Cliff Central.

The CEO expressed the need to empower women at work place, stating that women have a “bitch switch” and that it’s his desires for a woman to take over his position at the company when he steps down.

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“…We have a lot of women, we have good looking women, we have cleaver women, we have smart women and that has created a different environment,” Dos Santos indicated.

He said Cell C women are passionate about solving customers problem, have a high level of tolerance, and should be empowered to start taking control.

“I’m hoping that one day when I step down from Cell C, a woman will be the CEO of the company. They have a different way of managing, they have a different way of engaging in meetings, it creates a different dynamic…

If I can use the term on your radio station, you know women do have a bitch switch, and boy if you see two women fighting it is worse than two men,” he argued.

The CEO referred to the Miss South Africa pageant Cell C sponsors, and related that the outlet offers all Miss SA finalist an internship for a year to gain work experience.

“It brought a whole different atmosphere,” he disclosed. “Can you imagine you got 12 gorgeous women and you say four or five of them walk into your company – do you know what it does to the atmosphere in that company? The men dress better, they shave every morning,” Dos Santos added.

As Anticipated, Dos Santos was lashed for his remarks with similar tweets like – ‘bitch switch data bundle for free’.

In response, he issued a statement where he indicated that he’s saddened, but apologized for the words he used.

“I am saddened that my stance has been taken out of context…The comment I made, when asked about women empowerment was part of a broader interview about leadership on CliffCentral. I regret my choice of words which I realise were offensive,” he stated.

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