Billionaire Johann Rupert Set To Whip Edward Zuma If Zuma Fails To Caution Him


South African billionaire Johann Rupert says President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma, will soon be whipped if he fails to watch his tongue.

In recent times, Edward had repeatedly attacked Rupert. However, on Friday, Edward boosted his conspicuous anger towards the business tycoon, alleging that he “captured” the judiciary arm of government for selfish interest.

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Not only that, the president’s son also held Rupert responsible for the dark and ugly cloud hanging over his father’s political career and relationship with well-meaning South Africans.

The aggrieved son of the president also claimed that the business mogul masterminded major banks’ decision to sever business ties with companies linked to Zuma associates, the Guptas.

While he raged on, he picked on former finance minister Trevor Manuel and Absa CEO Maria Ramos, claiming that they went in cahoots with Rupert in the anti-zuma plot.

Edward said, “Let it be known that Rupert has gone as far as capturing the judiciary of this country to ensure President Zuma’s removal from office through courts.”

“Tell him to proceed and make my day. Sue me or not, the master is guilty.”

Johann Rupert Reacts

Reacting to Zuma’s claims, Rupert, foremost, urged President Zuma to caution his son, otherwise his silence would suggest he agreed with his claims and would further push him to take legal actions against the young man.

Speaking to reports, the billionaire maintained that he doesn’t even know the Guptas. He said all he does is employ people and bring money into the country. He denied having anything to do with the banks’ decisions about the Guptas.

“I wonder whether the president shares his son’s beliefs. That would be a problem. If he does not disagree with his son, it is cause for concern. If he keeps quiet, it has certain implications.

I wish to state openly that I have nothing to do with the Guptas and that the president appoints the judges, not I. The nonsense Edward Zuma persists in talking does not bother me insofar as it concerns me.

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But it has implications for our country’s foreign standing, for future investments and for the rule of law. Therefore, if this continues, at some stage I shall have to take legal action.

“It is important to state that I have no quarrel with the president. But he initiates quarrels with me. Earlier this year he [Jacob Zuma] claimed I had recently met with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa – a complete untruth. Why he does that, only he knows,” Johann Rupert said.

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