Jokes Apart – The Cosby Show Is Making A TV Comeback


Good news for all lovers of The Cosby Show.

Bounce TV has decided to heed the peoples’ calls and overlook the comedian’s sexual assault trials to air the much-loved show once again.

Apparently, they thought if an alleged sexual abuser is about to occupy the White House, what could possibly be wrong with having one on TV?

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Therefore, Bounce TV has announced that it will resume airing reruns of the 1980s sitcom on 19 December. The decision was made amid pending sexual assault cases against the lead star of the show Bill Cosby.

Arguably the first TV network designed and programmed for African-Americans, Atlanta-based Bounce TV takes the allegations against Cosby very “seriously.”

Nevertheless, it says research has shown that the community of African-Americans “see a distinction between Bill Cosby, the man, and the iconic TV character Cliff Huxtable.”

While a lot of fans welcomed the return of the show, a whole lot more frowned at the idea. There were criticisms coming from different directions and individuals, including director and producer Judd Apatow.

Accordingly, he tweeted Tuesday;

“Presenting a violent rapist to viewers like he is a lovable dad is inappropriate.”

The 79-year-old comedian has faced multiple sexual assault charges since 2014. While he had owned up to some of the charges, Cosby also denied some of the allegations of unsolicited sexual advances from a bunch of other women.

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As a result, in 2015, Bounce dropped the mic on reruns of the comedian’s CBS sitcom Cosby. In addition, some other stations including TV Land and Centric also pulled the plug on The Cosby Show.

But now the show is back and we do hope fans can watch it without being reminded of the randy charges against their favourite comedian.