Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement: This Twitter Account Predicted It Last Year!


A regular Twitter account freaked everyone out by totally predicting Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement correctly! And there’s more.

Seemingly, there’s a psychic parading the streets of Twitter and making predictions that eventually come to pass.

Back in July 2016, a Twitter account that goes by the handle @beyoncefan666 tweeted that Beyoncé is pregnant.

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Like that was enough, the unknown account also predicted that the American superstar was going to make the announcement in February (2017).

Last night, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement was made.

Creepy enough for you? But that’s not even all of it. The same account has correctly predicted other major moments of the star’s life in the past.

In August last year, it predicted Beyoncé’s surprise appearance at the VMAs in August 2016. This was a week before her performance.

The account also predicted things that finally happened for other celebrities and high-profile personalities.

It predicted the October release date of Lady Gaga’s latest album Joanne, two years ahead of schedule.

Again, it predicted Donald Trump’s presidency, nearly half a year before the election results came in.

And oh, it also predicted Brexit, adding the exact percentage of voters who elected to leave.

Mind-blowing right? The whole scenario is freaking me out too. But there seems to be some sort of explanations to all of this.

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According to Buzzfeed, some regular accounts like this one often make a lot of predictions about important events and people. Eventually, when some of their predictions happen the way they predicted, they delete the wrong ones and make the account public. Thus, making it look like they got it right all along.

In addition, some Twitter users are saying that there’s a way one can actually adjust the date on a tweet to suit them.

Hopefully, the explanations are correct and the predictions are merely a stroke of luck. Either way….wow!