#BeyoncePoseChallenge: Queen Bey’s Maternity Pose Causes Media Frenzy


Like the total diva and trailblazer that she is, Beyonce is creating a buzz and it is completely safe to say she has set the social media on fire in what has been tagged the BeyoncePoseChallenge.

In a most unexpected move, the Queen announced that she is pregnant and is expecting twins. She also went ahead to make public very captivation half nudes from the maternity shoot.

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While many rejoiced with her and wished her well, so many others have taken to the streets of Twitter and Instagram to recreate the epic pose she struck in the shoot with the hashtag BeyoncePoseChallenge.

On another note, most people seem to think that Queen Bey and Kim K are in some sort of competition geared towards getting the perfect family.

When Kim had Saint West in 2015, many expected Bey to follow suit in 2016, but she did not. But in the same 2016, a certain Twitter handle predicted that Beyonce would announce a pregnancy in 2017 and she did. Queen Bey raised the bars so hard that most people think the only way Kim K can compete with that is to get pregnant a third time and have triplets.

Meanwhile, here are some of the funny memes inspired by the BeyoncePoseChallenge.

Meme 2memes1

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As if the memes were not enough, some people went as far as throwing shaades.