Beware! Traffic On Johannesburg M1 Highway Might Be Hell In The Next 18 Months


Rehabilitation and reconstruction of worn out infrastructure and improvement of road safety is part of the R365 million programme the city of Johannesburg has for the year and to push further in achieving this, one of the city’s major highway has been mapped out for reconstruction in the next 18 months.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has embarked on working on the M1 Double-Decker bridge. The sum of R82 Million has been allocated for the rehabilitation and structural repairs‚ asphalt surfacing‚ expansion joints‚ drainage systems and new road signs in the city.

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In his statement, Managing Director of JRA, Mpho Kau said “we anticipate that the impact of flash flooding on the Double Decker section will be significantly reduced on completion as the rehabilitation includes drainage improvement and doubling-up of existing drainage infrastructure ensuring the bridge is able to effectively deal with large volumes of storm-water runoff‚”

 To this end therefore, motorists who ply the route are urged to consider changing to public transport so as to lessen the high traffic which is bound to take place on the road.

“This will mean that Johannesburg motorists will have to budget more time for their travel along this key route. Motorists are encouraged to explore alternate routes and make use of available public transport services where possible” he said.

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Mpho also revealed that other projects to follow suite will include the rehabilitation of both Federation and Oxford Bridges as well as the re-construction of the 2km dual carriageway between Rockridge Road and Federation Road.

He added that the entire 3km of existing storm water drainage system will be replaced between Rockridge Bridge and Federation Road Bridge on the freeway‚ as well as on Oxford and Federation Roads below the freeway.

“The safety of road-users is a priority for the JRA‚ and maintaining our road infrastructure is an important component of this. High quality roads contribute significantly to economic growth‚ and making citizens’ lives easier‚” he said as he alerted that the rehabilitation of the M1 highway will take 18 months to complete.