Beware Brothers: Sushi King Kenny Kunene Warns About Scamming B**ches


Sushi King Kenny Kunene has warned all the men out there to be careful about women they meet randomly especially at night clubs.

As a matter of fact, this is how he suggests they should run when they see such ladies;

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Being a club owner himself, Kunene really has some firsthand information on how this ‘vicious plot’ by women to make money from guys works. Thus, he issued a stern warning to his social media followers about “scamming b**ches” who are extorting guys out of their money at nightclubs. Apparently, they do it to those who take them home from the club.

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Accordingly, Sushi King Kenny Kunene took to Twitter on Tuesday night to tell his followers that he had just come from the police station where someone had lodged an extortion case against a woman. This involved allegedly false claims of rape from the woman.

According to Kunene, not just “bitches” in night clubs but also on social media are seducing men and having sex with them. Subsequently, they end up demanding money from the men in exchange for not laying a rape charge against them.

“Gents BEWARE of extortion scam by bitches on social media n clubs who seduce n have sex wit u, demand money if u don’t pay they claim rape,” he wrote.

In a series of tweets, Kunene advised men to beware of such women.

He also made it clear to guys that not every smile from a lady is genuine. Some may be a strategy to lure you to their den and suck you dry.

Kunene cited himself as an example, saying that he has never fallen prey to such an extortion scam. This is possible because he doesn’t get excited when a woman seduces him, he just runs “away very quickly”.

Well, at least his 22-year-old new bride, Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga has something to be grateful for.