Beware Of Your Hasty Urge To Scapegoat Zuma – Eusebius Mckaiser Warns ANC


The August 3 local government elections has exposed the governing African Congress to the need to unseat Jacob Zuma as president.

But a political and social analyst Eusebius McKaiser forewarned the party to beware of its hasty urge to scapegoat Zuma.

President Zuma’s political leadership has been blamed for having a hand in ANC’s loss in the country’s strategic municipalities and as the political party struggles to win the hearts of smaller parties for coalition in order to boost its voters support, the party is now more faced with the huge challenge of unseating the president  to secure its political stand.

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To this, the popular radio talk show host Eusebius McKaiser warned the party to be careful in its approach lest the party crumbles. McKaiser said Jacob Zuma is a product of the ANC and the party should be embarrassed about what transpired at the polls

According to the public speaker, the ANC prides itself on being bigger than any one individual member of the party, including the leader. That was why, former President Thabo Mbeki was recalled.

He further describes the party as one with a “weird tendency of speaking as if it exists like a human being that’s omniscient, omnipotent and watching over the tiny human beings who are its loyal children waiting for instructions from it.

However, he said the party cannot “anthropomorphise the party, and ascribe to it agency and authority that no one can subvert, and at the same time want to lash out at Zuma as if he is the omniscient, omnipotent one.

“The implication is that the party itself, including the leadership at all levels, as well as ordinary ANC members and supporters, are jointly responsible for the erosion of the brand of this once great liberation movement”.

Eusebius McKaiser further pointed out that the local government election wasn’t merely a referendum on Zuma’s leadership but also one that reveals what the electorates think about the condition of the state, especially at local government level in respect of the other spheres of government.

“The election is also feedback for the governing ANC about what the electorate makes of the quality, or lack thereof, of its leadership. The local elections were a referendum on the ANC more than they were a referendum on Zuma. he added.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has agreed to meet with the ANC to further their coalition talks only if the ruling party agrees to remove President Zuma from office.

The EFF which now stands as the kingmakers in the 2016 municipal elections and are in the position to wield power in the big councils issued out this conditions to the ruling party if any agreement on a coalition is to take place with the ANC.

However, the political analyst Eusebius McKaiser warned that any factions that use the election results as a basis to form slates that they can start lobbying for as jostling for positions at the elective conference in 2017 begins, must be careful about the strategies they use to replace the current lot.

“Own your role in not holding Zuma accountable. Own your errors for how you failed to provide effective political oversight in ministries or departments that you are in charge of. Don’t scapegoat Zuma. Acknowledge openly that the ANC has not taken seriously the Mangaung resolution on organisational renewal.”he warns, urging  party an aspirant leaders to rehearse a new kind of leadership that’s sorely lacking in the party.

“You can’t pretend that Zuma elected himself. He didn’t. He is a product of the processes of the party, and therefore the party itself should be embarrassed by what transpired in the elections.

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He said though ousting Zuma before 2019 election would be for the better of the country’s political growth, doing so will not see any positive change in the ruling party. He said it will only be the beginning of organisational renewal

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