Beware! Mystery Drug Kills 4 KwaMashu Pupils, More Hospitalised


Government has expressed deep concern over the possibility that a mystery drug that has already claimed four lives of KwaMashu pupils in KwaZulu-Natal could find its way to other parts of the country and wreck more havoc.

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Not less than 44 people were hospitalized on Saturday after taking in a drug known only as ‘Dataa or Umgwinyo during a party in KwaMashu. This happened when KwaMashu pupils were having a good time at a party over the weekend according to KwaZulu-Natal’s social development department. Apparently, ecstasy turned to tragedy and lives were lost.

The reports coming to the Police suggests that the death toll of the KwaMashu pupils has risen to seven, whereas four deaths have been reported to the South African Police Services so far.

MEC Weziwe Thusi said that a team of social workers had been dispatched to assist the affected families in any possible way and to visit those still in the hospital.

“We want to understand what happened to ensure that we do everything in our power to avoid a repeat. We also want to assist the families in dealing with this tragedy,” Thusi said.

Parents are advised to keep an eye on their children these coming days and look out for strange behaviour. The drug is believed to be under circulation and it will be wise to arrest the situation on time to avoid a repeat of this fatal incident.

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Thusi expressed shock at the incident considering the amount of constant warnings and awareness campaign about the dangers of drug abuse and substance abuse at all the local schools.

She also said that KwaMashu local drug action committee was still functional and would hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Spokesperson for the government Phumla Williams has also sent condolences to the affected individuals and families pledging assistance to the families of the deceased.

“I don’t really know what it is but what is evident is most of these drugs come in different names. In the Western Cape, you’ll find there is a different name and you come to Gauteng, there is also a different name.”

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