Best Tattoo Parlors and Tattoo Artists In South Africa

If you are an individual with a desire for body arts that will express your personality in a unique form and you are looking for that perfect tattoo artist that will get the job done in South Africa, never bother yourself on finding skillful and good tattoo parlors and tattoo artists in South Africa, we have compiled this list for you.

Best Tattoo Artists In Johannesburg

Johannesburg has got some of the finest tattoo parlors and tattoo artists in South Africa that will transform your tattoo ideas into reality within a short period. You’ve got to try out some of these artists for a great and smooth body art experience.

Evil Ink

Evil Ink has got a well-equipped tattoo parlor to have a nice body art design that will reflect your true self in any way you want it. With its massive portfolio of imaginary works that exceed common reasoning and skillful display of artworks, you can’t get it wrong here. Roger Harris is the owner of Evil Ink and the tattoo artist of high professional display with over six years of experience, which assures the finest artwork.

Classic Tattoos

Classic Tattoos is known for its broad array of tattoo styles with an incredible display of professionalism to ensure a pleasant customer experience. The parlor is owned by two professional tattoo artists, Ronald and Rasty, who cover various tattoo styles. They work with you in bringing your ideas to reality and ensure a well-delivered job.

Fallen Heroes

For a custom artwork that brings any concept to life in any range of tattoo styles you may want, Fallen Heroes is the specialist with a high sense of professionalism. It boasts of capable hands who are highly talented and attentive to details. Fallen Heroes is owned by two professional tattooists, Thys and Jen, who share the same high spirit for the art.

They also have other skillful tattoo artists working in their studio. Fallen Heroes boasts of a good customer base and lots of positive reviews due to its excellent service delivery and smooth experience in transforming ideas and imaginations into reality.

The Black Lodge

  • Address: 53 7th Avenues, Parktown North Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2193, South Africa
  • Contact: +27112685758
  • Instagram: theblacklodgetattoo
  • Website:

At Black Lodge tattoo studio, you will feel at home and relaxed to have your body tattoo done. All thanks to the studio setup that makes for conducive artwork and the black walls that add to the scenic background. The tattoo studio also has excellent tattoo artists who will work on inking the best tattoo style that suits your physique and personality.

Handstyle Tattoos

Handstyle Tattoos began operation in Johannesburg in 2010 and has since then been making waves among the best tattoo parlors in South Africa. It’s known for its unique way of crafting imaginations and bringing them to life through inks. The studio was owned by Ross Hallam, an unprecedented tattooist who specializes in Japanese and neo-traditional styles.

However, there’s an impressive portfolio of styles the studio can handle professionally, as other artists are working with him in the studio. The studio has lots of positive reviews from its customers and keeps expanding its customer base due to its excellent service delivery. You are sure to enjoy every bit of your time while you are around for your tattoo.

Best Tattoo Artists In Cape Town

Cape Town is known as home to many of the best tattoo parlors and tattoo artists in South Africa, as Cape Town itself is where culture and beauty reside. These body art illustrators are good at what they know best to do, so you are in safe hands when it comes to handling your tattoos; either you’re just starting, or you’ve been wearing tattoos before.

Metal Machine Tattoo Studio

Metal Machine Tattoo Studio has been around for a long while now and has proven to be one of the best tattoo studios in Cape Town. The studio began operation in 1993 with skillful and professional tattoo artists who have, over the years, sharpened their body art skills by improving themselves locally and abroad.

Metal Machine is one of the oldest tattoo studios in Cape Town and prides itself as a custom tattoo studio with a huge portfolio of tattoo styles you can ever think of. The resident tattoo artists are one of the most skilled in the industry in Africa, with a touch of excellence from the simplest tattoo designs to the most complex designs.

Derek Baker is a famous tattoo artist resident in Metal Machine Studio, with a wealth of experience and many international awards to his credit, including many international tattoo conventions across Europe.

Queen of Steel Tattoo Studio

Queen of Steel studio is a professional tattoo studio that specializes in classical designs and techniques that brings a new dimension to body arts, an all-girl kind of tattoo and piercing studio in Cape town with a large portfolio of different arrays of tattoo and piercing designs to choose from.

The atmosphere at Queen of Steel Tattoo Studio is ever welcoming, with care and gentle handling of your skin. The service delivery is second to none, and you will have great value for your money and time spent here. No wonder the studio has been receiving lots and lots of positive reviews from customers that have patronized them.

Natalie Lucia is a famous tattoo expert resident in Queen of Steel Tattoo Studio, a sage tattooist with a great inclination for the art. She’s got what it takes to be one of the best female tattooists in Cape Town, with a series of training both home and abroad to sharpen her skills.

For almost four years, she was in England, learning and broadening her design portfolio with modern styles and techniques. She worked under the sage tattooist Paul Deadman, who owns Deadman Studios in England, and returned to Cape Town in 2019 to join Queen of Steel as a junior artist.

Other well-known tattoo artists are also residents in Queen of Steel Tattoo Studio and can deliver the finest body arts. These artists include Monique La Grange, Margot, and Sam Knight.

The Body Architect

A place to get your body tattoo in Cape Town with a complete sense of home, relaxation, and comfort is The Body Architect Studio, where customer experience is a priority and key. It is one of the best tattoo parlors in Cape Town, where you will fully have the best result and value for your time and money.

The Body Architect is located in a serene environment and operates with state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with a rich portfolio of tattoo designs that will express the true beauty of body art. The studio boasts of notable and brilliant tattoo artists who dedicate their entire life to the art.

Byron Barker is one of the finest tattooists in Cape Town and is a resident tattooist at The Body Architect. He has loads of body art skills and rich experience in various tattoo styles. The customer relation at The Body Architect is top-notch, and the service delivery is excellent. Customer reviews have testified to the good remarks and goodwill the parlor enjoys.

Best Tattoo Artists In Durban

Durban is undoubtedly home to some of the best tattoo parlors and tattoo artists in South Africa, and here are some of them for you if you stay in Durban or plan to travel to Durban soon.

Ink It Tattoos

  • Address: 12 Circle Drive, Dawncliff, Westville, Durban, 3630, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and Unit 10 Pineville Junction, 81 Stapleton Road, Cowies Hill Park, 3610 Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact: +27 81 414 3941
  • Instagram: @inkittattoos
  • Website:

Ink It Tattoos is a famous tattoo parlor in Durban with the latest equipment and a conducive and friendly environment that gives you a warm welcome any day. The studio is bent on strict rules, as laid down by various international tattoo councils and bodies, to ensure international standards of practice.

The studio has highly talented artists who are well trained in the art, maintain a high level of professionalism, and are driven by a passion for the art. They ensure that every bit of the tattoo process is fun and enjoyable for their clients.

Ink It Tattoos has got a rich and amazing portfolio of tattoo styles to choose from, as well as a huge customer base who patronize them often. The studio has also enjoyed good reviews from people from Durban and beyond.

Majestic Ink Tattoos Studio

  • Address: 156 High Street, Vryheid, 3100, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Contact: +27 720549570
  • Instagram: majesticinkshop
  • Website:

Majestic Ink Tattoos Studio is one of the top recommended tattoo Parlors with the best tattoo artists in South Africa. The studio started operation in 2017 and has been making waves in Durban since then. The studio prides itself in its ability to cover a wide range of tattoo styles and highly skilled artists with unique qualities of crafting the finest tattoos one could ever imagine.

The studio has a huge customer base with good reviews due to its careful and professional handling of tattoos right through every step and process, as every step of the process matters to the artists, who ensure every client enjoys the process and have fun all through.

Best Tattoo Artists In Pretoria

Inksane Tattoos

Inksane Tattoos has become one of the finest tattoo parlors in Pretoria since it began operation in 2009 and has maintained its standard and quality of service ever since then. It prides itself in being top-notch with custom tattoo designs with client input, taking clients’ ideas and turning them into a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

With its wealth of experience and years of expertise in covering up and fixing pieces, it can restore your confidence with your artwork. It has professional ability in dainty scripts, new school colorwork, neo-traditional, floral, old-school realism, and more. The studio enjoys goodwill and many positive reviews from its clients due to its professionalism, comfortable atmosphere, client’s relaxed state of mind during the tattooing process, total attentiveness to client’s details, and more.

Inksane tattoos have some of the finest tattoo artists in Pretoria in stock for the best service delivery and excellent customer experience. These guys are highly skillful in what they know best to do and have a passion for the art. Jay and Angie are the brains behind Inksane Tattoos, and they have other brilliant tattooists with them, such as Alix and Schalk.

Humdinger Tattoo Emporium

Humdinger Tattoo Emporium has over the years been a classic tattoo studio with a touch of perfection and royal treatment for its clients. It is one of those beautiful, immaculate, and cozy parlors to have your body inked in Pretoria. Humdinger Tattoo Emporium prides itself as an outstanding space for clients to experience exceptional tattoos, wearables, art, piercings, and more, with a focus on creating a lasting Humdinger art imprint of the highest quality on your body.

Since its creation, the studio has enjoyed a wide client base and lots of positive reviews about its services and mode of operation. All thanks to its team of highly-skilled tattoo artists who are ever ready for their clients in any tattoo design, be it Traditional, Realism, Neo-traditional, Colorwork, Fine line details, or Blackwork, just name it. Its famous resident artists include Nathan Phillips (owner), Theo Malherbe, and Roulie Visser.

True Blue Tattoo

True Blue Tattoo is a popular tattoo parlor in Pretoria that brings lots of fun into the art by creating a friendly, cozy, and serene environment that gives regular clients and first-timers a homely and warm welcome. The studio can handle various tattoo styles based on the client’s concepts.

True Blue Tattoo has many good reviews and recommendations from its clients. It boasts exceptional tattooists with high levels of professionalism and careful handling of clients’ bodies during the inking process. At True Blue Tattoo, clients are treated with the utmost respect and ensure that every step of the art is enjoyable. Meghan Ann Potgieter and Charl Richardson are the senior resident artists here, with many years of experience in the art.

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