Best Sho Madjozi Hairstyles You Can Wear

The famous South African celebrity (Sho Madjozi) is well known for her incredible hairstyles that stand her out, these styles are her brand signature, and fast becoming popular hairstyles among other female celebrities and fashionistas in Africa and beyond. We’ve compiled some of the best Sho Madjozi hairstyles for you to try out this year to give you an amazing look.

Sho Madjozi Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Salon Visit

Straight Up Cornrows

Sho Madjozi Hairstyles
Sho Madjozi Straight Up Cornrows

Straight Up Cornrows is one of Sho Madjozi’s favorite hairstyles, It is made of tiny braids which are neatly styled into a big bun, with each side braided into long strands hanging down on both sides. This hairstyle can be accessorized with light beads and braid rings for a stunning beauty expression.

Straight Up Cornrows will be great on ladies with oblong, triangle, or oval faces. The hairstyle will also suit ladies with a round or diamond face shape. More so, the style can be worn alongside a necklace or neck chain and nice earrings with light facial makeup.

Sho Madjozi Cornrows with High Twisted Bun

Cornrows with High Twisted Bun

Cornrows with a High Twisted bun are made of tiny straight braids packed into a high bun and extend downward, forming a single thick braid. The hairstyle is a beauty enhancer and is one of the styles Sho Madjozi prefers to wear often. Based on the wearer’s preference, the hairstyle can be accessorized with braid rings or tiny braid beads. You can as well wear necklaces or neck chains to style up.

You can wear this style for a perfect look if you have a round, oblong, triangle, and oval type of face. Also, the hairstyle can be worn to occasions like birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and other social events.

Braided Afro Cornrows

Sho Madjozi Hairstyles
Sho Madjozi Braided Afro Cornrows

Braided Afro Cornrow is a simple style with uniqueness. The hair is made into tiny braids, which are blown out halfway and packed to the right and left sides. This is one of the hairstyles forming Sho Madjozi’s brand signature and has been worn by some famous female celebrities in South Africa and other countries.

Braided Afro Cornrows will be suited for ladies with square, rectangular, oval, round, triangular, and oblong faces. For a unique beauty expression, the style can be worn with jewelry and light makeup.

Sho Madjozi Pinkish-Black Ponytail

Pinkish-Black Ponytail

The hairstyle is a perfect blend of natural hair with pink hair extensions which are braided into long and tiny strands and formed into a ponytail. This style is commonly worn by female celebrities in South Africa and beyond and could be rocked with earrings and beaded necklaces that match with the outlook. The pinkish-black ponytail will perfectly suit ladies with triangular, oval, oblong, and diamond face types.

Afro Ponytail with Beads

Sho Madjozi Afro Ponytail with Beads

The style is made of tiny long braids and heavily accessorized with multicolor cowry beads. It’s simple to wear and not costly to maintain. This style is regularly worn by female celebrities in South Africa and other countries in Africa.

Afro ponytail with beads can be worn by ladies with oblong, oval, round, triangular, diamond, and pear face shapes. The style can also be worn in combination with jewelry like earrings, necklaces or chains, beads, and light makeup.

Sho Madjozi Golden Twisted Ponytail

Golden Twisted Ponytail

Golden twisted ponytail is one of the favorite hairstyles of Sho Madjozi and many popular female celebrities. It is a perfect blend of golden hair extension and natural hair to form straight and tiny braids which are forged into a ponytail, with the long tail twisted

Hanging down on each side of the forehead are three braid strands, which may have accessories like braid rings or beads attached to them to give a dazzling look, depending on the wearer’s choice and preference. The style will perfectly fit ladies with oval, oblong, round, diamond, triangular, square, and rectangular face shapes. In addition, the hairstyle can be worn with nice jewelry to match and light makeup.

Sho Madjozi Box Braids

Box braids are made of long, straight braids originating from the roots. This Sho Madjozi style has round braid ring accessories attached to the braids. With earrings and neck chains or necklaces, the hairstyle will make a perfect look.

Sho Madjozi Afro Pink Ponytail

Afro Pink Ponytail is one of Sho Madjozi’s new signature hairstyles and it is gaining popularity among the fashionable folks. The hair is gelled and packed, with the tail made with a long pink hair extension to form a ponytail, the front side has two braided strands hanging down to the right and left sides. The hairstyle will perfectly suit ladies with round, oval, triangular, oblong, and diamond face shapes. With nice jewelry and makeup, the look will be spectacular.

Beaded Braid Cornrow

Beaded Braid Cornrow is another unique hairstyle that Sho Madjozi has worn, its glamorous look is second to none. The hair is plaited into straight, tiny, and long braids, and each strand is laced with white beads. The style may also be accessorized with braid rings in place of beads.

Beaded Braid Cornrows can be perfect on ladies with face shapes such as oval, round, oblong, diamond, and triangle. Jewelry, including earrings and necklaces, will be great combinations with the hairstyle.

Sho Madjozi Tapered Low Ponytail

The braids are straight, tiny, and long, the strands are packed backward and styled into a low ponytail, some braid strands are bound together with braid rings and hang down to the right and left sides at the front. Also, the hair is clipped down with braid clips of different color combinations based on the wearer’s preference.

You can conveniently wear this hairstyle if you have a round, triangular, oblong, and diamond face. A matching pair of earrings, necklaces or neck chains, and other makeup accessories will definitely make a perfect and stunning look.

Afro Weaving Hairstyle

Afro Weaving Hairstyle is fast becoming a popular hairstyle among female celebrities in South Africa. The braided strands are weaved into bigger braid strands, with loose ends. The style can be worn with jewelry and light makeup, and will best suit ladies with oval, triangular, oblong, round, pear, or diamond face shapes.

Sho Madjozi Quad-Line Cornrow Braids

As simple as the style may look, it is elegant, colorful, and attractive. It is made with natural hair and colored hair extension to form four-line thick, straight and long braids. The attached hair extension can be any color of choice and could be furnished with a blend of braid rings or beads, based on the wearer’s preference.

The style can be worn with jewelry such as earrings and neck chains/necklaces, hand beads, and makeup.

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