Best Makeup Artists in South Africa

A makeup artist is someone who enhances a person’s appearance through the use of cosmetic products. There are thousands of professional makeup artists in South Africa, however, we’ll be unveiling the best among them in the paragraphs below.

These makeup artists are reputable in the country given their achievements and have worked with big names. They inspire a lot of people and are most sought-after because of the way they effortlessly use cosmetic techniques and processes to create special beauty effects for clients.

Best Makeup Artists in Cape Town

If you are in Cape Town and are passionate about colorful makeup, here are the top makeup artists to follow or patronize for your wedding, graduation, red carpet events, bridal events, photoshoots, and more.

These makeup artists have continued to do Cape Town and South Africa proud over the years. They also enjoy a massive following on social media platforms because of their incredible pictures, forward-thinking techniques, and celebrity clients.

1. Danielle Jacobs

  • Specialty: Bridal Hair & Make-Up
  • Other Areas of Interest: Fashion and shoots
  • Social media handles: daniellejacobs24 (Instagram), Danielle Jacobs: Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 4,196 (Instagram), 1,213 (Facebook)
  • Website:

The CEO of Danielle Jacobs is a famous makeup and hairstylist. She trained with Terenzo hair international and also gained experience in the salon business for 5 years, which obviously places her ahead of so many of her peers.

The brand is well-versed in bridal make-up artistry. Being someone who loves everything wedding, the brand also covers destination weddings and special occasions. She has worked with several top personalities both within and outside the country.

This makeup brand is highly rated online and its website documents numerous testimonies and positive reviews from satisfied clients. Danielle Jacobs is also a lecturer and part of a team of professional artists at the “Head 2 Toe” hair and make-up academy.

One interesting thing about this celebrity makeup artist is that she often uses several platforms (Instagram, academy, and Facebook) to offer a complete breakdown of the high glam looks.

2. Cecilia Fourie

  • Specialty: Makeup and hairstyling
  • Other Areas of Interest: Makeup Tutorial
  • Social media handles: ceciliafouriemh (Instagram), Cecilia Fourie – Academy (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 3,136 (Instagram), 593 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Weddings and bridal glam are Cecilia’s specialty, which is the reason she is popular in the business. She is a renowned Cape Town-based makeup artist who qualified as a makeup artist in 2010 after her graduation from Head to Toe Academy.

She has worked for several top brands in the country, including Top Billing, Expresso, and SABC. Her works have also been featured in a couple of local magazines. Cecilia has beautified numerous clients, as seen on her social media pages.

She passes her knowledge, skills, and experience across to people with an interest in bridal hair and beauty line through her academy – Cecilia Fourie Hair & Makeup Academy. She is considered the Queen of soft glam.

3. Minke du Plessis

  • Specialty: Makeup and hair
  • Other Areas of Interest: Fashion, bridal
  • Social media handles: minkeduplessis2 (Instagram), Minke du Plessis (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 2, 531 (Instagram), 5,397 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Plessis is a household name in the makeup business in Cape Town and South Africa in general. She basically covers any special occasion as well as bridal, matric dance, fashion, family, maternity, portrait, and couple shoots.

She particularly loves enhancing the eyes but generally does any style of makeup and hair. Minke received her hair and makeup training at Alicia Buckle School of Hair and Makeup as well as the London Makeup School.

This makeup artist freelances in the Western Cape. She has beautified many clients and hopes to take her makeup career to the next level in the future. Testimonies, positive reviews, and amazing work pictures abound on her website and social media pages.

Plessis is a great resource for splendidly over-the-top makeup and one person who helps people recreate glamorous looks at home.

4. Nicole Amory

  • Specialty: Makeup, lash, and hairstylist
  • Other Areas of Interest: Cosmetic and personal care
  • Social media handles: thatnicoleamory (Instagram), Nicole Amory (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 3,939 (Instagram), 8,000 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Nicole Amory absolutely needs no introduction as she has been featured on popular projects such as Get It, Aisle Society, SouthBound Bride, and Wedding Inspirations. She has been in this competitive business for more than 12 years and she has never stopped researching makeup, experimenting, and advancing her skills.

Amory covers makeup, hairstyling, and lash extension services – three-in-one services to her clients. She had her lash training at Lucious lashes International and Lovella South Africa and also holds an impressive number of certifications.

Some of them include Makeup Artistry Certificate, Cidesco International Makeup Diploma, Facial Therapy & Waxing Certificate, National Teachers Diploma in Makeup Artistry & Styling, Advanced Makeup and Aesthetics Diploma.

She effortlessly transforms brides and clients into stunning personalities on special occasions.

5. Leedra Glam

  • Specialty: Makeup and hairstylist
  • Other Areas of Interest: Film and Photoshoots
  • Social media handles: leedraglam (Instagram), Leedra Glam Makeup Artist Cape Town (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 500 (Instagram), 434 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Leedra basically uses natural or organic skincare in preparation for her makeup application, which is part of the reason she is most sought-after in Cape Town. In fact, she is the go-to makeup artist for anyone who prefers a skincare-centric makeup routine.

She specializes in bridal hair & makeup but covers special occasions such as matric balls, engagements, fashion, film & photo shoots. She uses products of some of the most trusted international brands such as M.A.C Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Graftobian, Kryolan.

The brand also offers one on one and group make-up classes, as well as the service of a personal make-up shopper, which assists clients to purchase their make-up items.

Best Makeup Artists in Durban

If you have any special occasion around the corner, here are some of the best makeup artists in Durban to patronize. You can also follow them on their social media handles for makeup tips and more.

6. Sindisiwe Uzuri

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Skincare, Photography
  • Social media handles: sindisiweuzuri (Instagram), Sindisiweuzuri (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 11,600 (Instagram), 1,288 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Sindisiwe is a natural skincare and beauty specialist with over 13 years of experience in the industry. She is well-known in Durban and its environs for her skills. She covers weddings, editorials, special events, production, music videos, and many more.

She also beautifies women for special occasions, including corporate and professional shoots. Uzuri trains women in effective make-up application techniques and assists clients with personal make-up shopping.

Sindisiwe studied at Make Up Your Mind in Durban Morningside and went on to study Phytomedicine and Natural Ingredients at the University of Pretoria.

7. Xpressions

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Threading, waxing, hair styling, facials, herbal treatment, Mendhi, massage, body wraps, and tinting
  • Social media handles: xpressions_shagufta (Instagram), Xpressions by Shagufta Khan (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 3,110 (Instagram), 2,118 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Shagufta has worked on notable sets, including the 17th Miss India Worldwide Pageant. She is a household name given her accomplishments and work history. She is a world traveler and one of the most successful makeup artists in South Africa.

She has worked with the Miss India Worldwide Pageant for more than 10 years, as well as on the faces of contestants at pageants and high-profile clients in the country and in places like the United States.

Khan left her job as a microbiologist to become a makeup artist and today, she is a force to reckon with in the competitive industry. She believes each face is special and therefore requires special attention and touch.

8. Nadia Motala

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Hair, Aesthetic clinic
  • Social media handles: nadiamotala (Instagram)
  • Number of followers: 41.6k (Instagram)
  • Website:

Nadia Motala is a popular name in Durban among women and makeup lovers. Apart from bridal makeup, she does henna, tattoos, facials, hair styling, massage therapy, nail artistry, and even health assessments.

Her brand also stocks a wide range of the latest hair colors and makeup from well-recognized international brands. She travels to nearby cities to offer bridal party services and other health-related services.

She has beautified many clients for their big days and other lovely ceremonies. Motala has proved to be an asset and one of the most well-established makeup artists in the country.

9. A Bridal Dreams

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Photography, hair, mendhi
  • Social media handles: Bridal Dreams By Shireen (Instagram), Bridal Dreams By Shireen (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 44 (Instagram), 291 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Shireen is a bridal and special occasion stylist with over 20 years of experience. She is well-known because of the range of services she offers. She stands out as one of the few makeup artists that do grooms’ makeup.

She specializes in makeup and hairstyling for all special events, proms, family weddings, engagements, photoshoots, and even day and night events.

She also does airbrush makeup, which is the latest and most advanced makeup technique. She has done several jobs and most of them are documented on her Instagram page.

10. Kiss & Makeup

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Photographer, Hairstyling
  • Social media handles: kissandmakeupkzn (Instagram), KAMU (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 2,898 (Instagram)
  • Website:

Alana-Jane Halgreen is the CEO of the Durban-based professional hair & makeup artist brand, Kiss and Makeup. She has 15 years of experience and has completed huge events on both hair and makeup.

KAMU generally delivers quality results, that’s why the brand is so popular in KwaZulu-Natal province and around. She beautifies every type of bride, including Asian, ethnic, and eastern brides.

Halgreen basically accommodates every client’s needs, be it a bridal party or any special occasion. She perfectly knows how to doll up every client using her fantastic skills and experience in the industry.

Best Makeup Artists in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is home to several skilled makeup artists in South Africa. From bridal events to weddings, parties, photoshoots, and more, these talented makeup artists can comfortably take care of your face on your special day.

True, there are so many highly respected and celebrated makeup artists in Johannesburg but these ones are considered the best. Meet them.

11. Godiva Makeup Studio

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Health
  • Social media handles: makeupgodiva (Instagram), (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 903 (Instagram)
  • Website:

The CEO of this beauty brand has been working in the industry for over 17 years. She is well-known and highly respected for her professionalism and perfection in her work. Owing to her creativity and relaxed personality, she has won the admiration of many women in Johannesburg.

She basically offers exciting and fresh styles to clients. Godiva is a stockist of Kryolan & Studio Makeup. The artist is based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, Gauteng, but can travel all over South Africa.

Godiva Makeup Studio only works by appointment and is known for offering the highest quality of service to all of her clients. The brand specializes in bridal makeup, function makeup, matric dance makeup, and one-on-one makeup tutorial.

12. Fairydust Makeup Studio

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Cosmetic and personal care
  • Social media handles: fairydustmakeupstudio (Instagram), Fairydust Makeup Studio (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 11.3k (Instagram), 1,857 (Facebook)

Apart from beauty, Fairydust also offers personal care, skin care therapy, and cosmetic services. Located at 181 Louis Botha Ave, Orange Grove, Johannesburg, 2192, Afrika Ta Kudu, the brand has beautified many Johannesburg women at various occasions, including weddings, bridal parties, and engagements.

Fairydust is situated in Johannesburg but can travel to nearby areas for makeup services. The brand has been in existence for years and has done so many amazing local jobs.

13. JJK Makeup Artist

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Health
  • Social media handles: jjk_makeup (Instagram), JJK Makeup Artist (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 359 (Instagram), 3,957 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Jenna’s makeup journey began at a young age when she started working at the cosmetics counters during the weekends and holidays. She covers makeup, tutorials, weddings, fashion shows, matric dances, ladies’ team building workshops, photoshoots, glamour makeup, and more.

Located in the heart of the trendy town of Linden, JJK’s studio also offers makeup tutorials to beginners and women who want to improve their makeup skills. Currently, JJK works as a freelance & mobile makeup artist in and around Johannesburg.

14. Nikki’s Beautique

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Fashion shows, Film/TV
  • Social media handles: nikkisbeautique1 (Instagram), Nikki’s Beautique (Facebook), Nikkita Naidoo (Twitter)
  • Number of followers: 2,651 (Instagram), 114 (Twitter), 3,013 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Nikkita Naidoo is the CEO of Nikki’s boutique. Apart from her incredible makeup skills, she has an amazing personality that makes her clients easily fall in love with her. Her brand is highly patronized by women on various occasions.

Her main areas of specialty are print and bridal make-up; however, she also has expertise in a vast number of other genres. She does bridal make-up, editorials, fashion shows, events, corporate, TV/film, and more.

Some of Nikki Beatique’s beauty services include airbrush make-up, special occasion make-up (such as baby showers, engagement parties, and events), male grooming, music videos, as well as runway make-up.

15. Studio S

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Lashes, brows, skin aesthetics
  • Social media handles: studio_s_beautybar_ (Instagram), @RoseSereneStudio (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 1, 642 (Instagram)

Studio S is a professional makeup brand that has been in operation for many years now. The CEO of the brand has over 6 years of experience and worked with numerous clients in the city of Johannesburg. She is famous and most sought-after.

Studio S also covers advanced lash and brow couture, skin aesthetics, training, and workshops. You can book Studio S online and also follow the brand’s social media handles and website to see more jobs, positive reviews, and testimonies from clients.

The brand is undoubtedly one of the most esteemed makeup bars in Johannesburg.

Best Makeup Artists in Pretoria

We have come across numerous makeup artists in Pretoria but we can assure you that the ones on our list are some of the best hands that handle makeup brushes in the region. Besides makeup, most of them also specialize in other beauty areas.

If you are planning a wedding, matric dance, bridal party, engagement, or any special occasion and need the services of professional makeup and hairstylist, here are the best Pretoria-based makeup to follow or reach out to.

16. Rose Serene Studio

  • Specialty: Airbrushing, hairstyling, and makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Nails
  • Social media handles: @roseserenestudio (Instagram), @RoseSereneStudio (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 650 (Instagram)
  • Website:

Located at 186 Carinus Street, Meyerspark, 0184 Pretoria, Jeanne-Kay’s brand, Rose Serene is one of the makeup centers that is highly patronized by people. Jeanne-Kay, who holds a Master’s in Somatology covers bridal makeup training and also organizes masterclasses for learners.

She has been in the business for over 16 years and was even nominated Makeup Artist of the Year in 2021. The brand is well-known for beautifying several clients, as seen on her Instagram page.

17. Chantelle Landman

  • Specialty: Makeup and hairstyling
  • Other Areas of Interest: Photography
  • Social media handles: @chantellelandman (Instagram), @chantellelandmanmakeup (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 603 (Instagram), 1,169 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Chantelle Landman is a popular professional make-up artist and hairstylist. She was trained at multiple reputable colleges and has been doing what she knows how to do best for the past 10 years.

She has been the full-time make-up artist for The Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3 and also worked on various live and pre-recorded TV productions such as Top Billing, Afternoon Express, and Presenter Search on 3.

Landman is well-versed in photography, film, and wedding events. Her brand has worked with international clients and fashion houses while some of her works have also made it to the pages of notable magazines such as Ellements New York, Woolworths Taste, and Sarie Bruid.

Chantelle won Best Hair & Makeup Artists of 2021.

18. Tamaryn Pretorius

  • Specialty: Makeup and hairstyling
  • Other Areas of Interest: Health
  • Social media handles: @saskykitty (Twitter), @tamarynvantonder (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 277 (Twitter), 1310 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Tamaryn, a popular professional makeup artist and hairstylist has been creating makeup looks for South African celebrities for about 16 years. Some of her works have been featured on the covers of Rooirose and Sarie. A household name, the Tamaryn brand’s beauty work has also been featured in Elle magazine. Pretorius, to her credit, has worked on three seasons of the Miss SA pageant and three seasons of Idols SA.

This professional makeup artist has worked on many destination weddings in her over 14 years in the industry. She is the talent behind some of the most fabulous looks sported by celebrities.

Some of the most beautiful famous faces she has worked with include the beautiful Afrikaans singer and writer Karlien van Jaarsveld and actress Leandi du Randt Bosch on many occasions, including for the project Strictly Come Dancing and in 2018 for a beautiful Sarie Cover. Also, the brand has styled Rolene Strauss’s hair and also worked with Miss SA 2018 Tamaryn Green on a Rooirose Cover.

19. Elanri Makeup Artist

  • Specialty: Makeup
  • Other Areas of Interest: Makeup workshop
  • Social media handles: elanrimua (Instagram), @elanrimua (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 395 (Instagram), 554 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Located at Cura Ave, Equestria, Pretoria, 0184, this brand is owned by the popular and ever-charming professional makeup artist Elanri. She has always had a soft spot for makeup right from a young age. Today, it gladdens her heart that she is living her dreams and fulfilling her passion.

Elanri covers daytime makeup, special occasion makeup (weddings, matric farewells, shows/performances), formal evening/night makeup, film & television makeup, fashion shows, as well as artistic/abstract makeup.

Her brand is unique because she is well versed in natural and glamorous makeup, and constantly keeps up with new trends and techniques in the industry. Elanri travels for destination weddings.

She has worked for the reputable company Mac Cosmetics, where she sharpened up her skills through working on so many different faces and skin tones. She has been a qualified and experienced makeup artist and hairstylist for 12 years and counting. She equally hosts makeup workshops and has never stopped learning and improving her makeup game.

20. Riani Roets

  • Specialty: Makeup and hairstyling
  • Other Areas of Interest: N/A
  • Social media handles: @Riani.Roets (Facebook)
  • Number of followers: 716 (Facebook)
  • Website:

Riani is a popular professional makeup artist and hairstylist in Pretoria. Apart from makeup and hair, she also specializes in corporate photo sessions, fashion shows, television, magazines, family photo sessions, special occasions, production shoots, and bridal makeup.

One of her brand’s newest services is called personal makeup shopping, where she would shop with clients to find the makeup that will match their skin tone and suit their pocket.

Riani’s biggest career moment was when she had the opportunity to glamorize the contestants of the Miss World beauty pageant. She is also one of the stylists on Glam Guru and a stockist of Hannon Products.

This professional makeup artist holds a diploma in Health and Skincare, as well as Make-up and Hairstyling. She began working on the TV Reality Show Glam Guru, featuring Hannon Botha.

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