Think of all the stories you have heard about Africa and you will definitely agree that the picture painted is almost always never pretty. The rest of the world think of hungry people struggling to survive in war-torn areas under the leadership of dictators and extremists. Africa has been perceived to be a cursed continent for the longest time. This is despite the fact that there are beautiful countries such as South Africa in the continent. This country has a lot more to offer than you might know. After reading this, you will better appreciate the city you live in. So here are 10 reasons why South Africa is the coolest country in the world.

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10 Good Reasons South Africa is One of the Best Countries in the World

1. South Africa is a famous tourist destination, and with good reason. It has in fact received various major travel awards. It has several times been ranked one of the world’s top-ten best cities to visit by Travel and Leisure. It has also received an award for being the “Best Travel Destination in Africa and Middle East”. BBC listed South Africa as one of the Top 50 places to see before you die. It has further received awards for having the best Airports in Africa. Did you know that South Africa has one of the highest bridge bungee jump in the world? It is the 3rd highest bungee jump at 216m.

2. South Africa is the second country in the world to have hosted three major World Cups. South Africa has in the past hosted the cricket, rugby and soccer World Cups. The country has over 10 state of the art stadiums. It was during the 2010 World Cup that South Africa became renowned for the Vuvuzela, a celebratory instrument that is now used in several countries to cheer on sports games.

Aerial View Sea Point

3. South Africa has one of the most liberal and free constitutions in the world. It stands out in Africa for its constitution which ensures and safeguards the liberties and rights of South African people. Thanks to the liberties and freedoms provided by the country’s legislation, there are no cases of extremist censorships and detentions that can be found in other countries in a few other African countries.

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4. Diversity is one of her key elements, as she offers an uncommon mix of culture, wildlife and a magnificent awe-inspiring landscape. South Africa has a lot of modernity. It is in fact the most modern country in Africa. Be that as it may, technological advancement is infused with the local culture which is impressively vibrant. The icing on the cake is its beautiful landscape and untamed wildlife. You will not get enough of what South Africa has to offer.

South Africa wlild life

5. Anyone visiting South Africa will enjoy the great buying power. When compared to the Dollar, Pound and Euro, the South African Rand is weak. Any tourist coming into the country will thus enjoy having a stronger currency. This means one could enjoy all the marvellous attractions South Africa has to offer, and do so at a very affordable price.

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6. South Africa has some of the best beaches in the world. In fact beaches are one of her big highlights. A visit to Camps Bay and Clifton beaches in Cape Town will leave you feeling like you are in heaven. South Africa has very posh white sand beaches with aquamarine water. South Africa was the first country outside Europe to gain a Blue Flag status for its coastal management. This means it has clean and safe beaches that meet standards of environmental friendliness.

South African beach

7. It’s no secret that South Africa has some of the most inspirational people. You are bound to think of leaders such as Nelson Mandela when it comes to South frica. There are over 90 streets across the world that have been named after the change-inspiring leader.

8. It’s one of the few countries in the world to have a clean tap water supply that’s safe to drink. There are only 12 countries in the world that has a tap water supply that is fit to drink. South Africa was ranked third best.

9. South Africa is world-famous for its wine. South Africa has historic winelands that date as far back as the 1600s. Till date, South Africa has maintained huge vineyards, more specifically in the Cape region.

10. South African people are very compassionate people. You will enjoy the unity and peace that holds all people together despite diversity in cultures. They are a nation that understand that a lot more is achievable when you work together. All in all, there are no two ways to it. South Africa is definitely the best place in the world to be.