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2013 has finally ended, and it’s that time again when we like to take a look back over the year and see just what resonated most with you, our dear readers by listing all the things that made it a great year —in movies, books, business, entertainment and much more. We started this blog about 5 months ago (July 2013) with the main purpose of educating and entertaining at the same time, While our site is still very young (less than six months old), it has managed to attract a huge number of users from all over South Africa and beyond. In this article, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the very best articles and posts that made Buzz South Africa such a vital new online destination for South Africans and Friends of South Africa

Here are the Stories that Resonated Most with you in 2013


1. Free Afrikaans Music Downloads Website Every South African Must Know

This article takes a look at the top 5 music download websites for Afrikaans music. Music has always held one of the highest place of significance in any African’s life. With technology reaching new heights, downloading Afrikaans music on the move has become one of the best ways to remain in constant touch with the flavor of Africa. From to, we’ve taken our time to closely look at some of the leading websites as highlighted in the article.

2. Popular Blasian Celebrities You’ve Probably Never Heard of

This article takes a look at 12 Famous Blasian (Afro Asian or half black half Asian) Celebrities you probably didn’t know they were Afro Asians: From Tiger Woods to Ne-Yo, Naomi Campbell to Cassie, If you have been so eager to find out if any of your favorite celebrities is an Afro-Asian or blasian, then look no further.

3. Henry Cele of Shaka Zulu and 14 Things You’ve Never Heard about Him

Henry Cele was a South African actor famous for his chilling performance as Shaka Zulu in SABC’s Shaka Zulu miniseries. Born in Durban, South Africa, he landed the role of Shaka in the miniseries after acting out the same role in a South African stage production of Shaka Zulu. In this article, we’ve highlighted 10 things You’ve never heard about him

4. 10 South African Foods You Must Eat Before You Die

If you’re looking for that South African delicacy when next you pay a visit to this country, perhaps this article might be the first place to start

5. Public Holidays in South Africa 2014

Just as the name implies, here’ we’ve listed the national public holidays in South Africa for the year 2013 and 2014

6. Popular South African Celebrities You’ve Probably Never Heard of

South Africa has proved to the rest of the world that it can carve a notable niche when it comes to movie and music stars. Its people now sit comfortably in top Hollywood jobs. Being a country that was only known for institutional racism, it has recently made a remarkable improvement by producing incredible stars in the entertainment industry. In this article, we’ve highlighted a number of South African celebrities making waves in the industry

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7. The Basics of Converting Pounds to Rands – How To

This gives you a brief overview of these two currencies: British Pounds and Rands and how anyone can convert British pounds to Randsthis is a follow up to our last article on South African Rand to British Pound Currency Conversion

8. 10+ Most Beautiful South African Women 2014

South Africa is not just known for rugby, the Springbok, Gold, Diamond or Nelson Mandela, it is also a home to the some of the most beautiful women on the planet today, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban, you can find them in this article

9. 10 Best South African Movie Actors of the Recent Time

Many South African actors have gone a set forward to act in Hollywood thereby giving them an international recognition. South Africa just like any other sub-Saharan African state is home to world-recognized heroes, take a look at this article to find out more

10. How To Check Your UNISA Exam Results Online

The University of South Africa better known as UNISA is a leading Open Distance Learning centre. In South Africa alone, it accounts for over 12.8% of all degree conferred, this article looks at How To Check Your UNISA Exam Results Online

11. 10 Most Popular South African Actresses of Our Time

Charming and lovely South African actresses captivate us with their exciting and most extraordinary performances. These women deliver exceptional acting and their presence on the screen will leave your tongue dripping and wagging for more action.

12: African Men Dating – Why you should give it a shot

If you’re not African and has never dated an African Man before, dating an African man can be an experience of a life time, this article shows you how and why you should give it a go.

13. 10 Stereotypes Of South African Girls That Aren’t Always True

This article was originally published in 2013 and updated in 2014, an interesting article you can’t afford to miss.

14. Reed Dance in South Africa: 10 Things You Must Know

Reed dance is one of the most adored and respected dances in South Africa. The Zulus consider it important even to the extent that it is attended by their leaders, this article gives you a greater insight.

15. 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women

Countries that proudly hold the title of the 10 countries with most beautiful women in the world are listed here.

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