Beloved Japanese, Ignore Our ‘Noisy Parliament’ And Invest Here – Cyril Ramaphosa


The Vice President Of The Republic of South Africa, honorable Cyril Ramaphosa used some unusual phrases to woo a delegation of the Federation of Economic Organisation of Japan in a breakfast meeting held at the Taj Hotel in Cape Town.

The Vice President pleaded with the delegation to not hesitate to invest in the excellent investing climate of South Africa just because of the “noisy parliament” they see on television.

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Reporting his address, Fin24 related that the Vice President stated that the country has “a noisy, vibrant and robust democracy, so when you see this on TV you should never be concerned – that is merely the diversity of SA’s democracy.”

Warning that they “will also see a lot of crying in the SA parliament in times to come,” and that “there are still some bureaucratic issues to resolve,” Ramaphosa told the Japanese that they shouldn’t be bothered by any of those because the South African government is doing the important thing which is – “improving South Africa’s investment climate.”

The Vice President said President Zuma is happy with the Japanese companies in South Africa because of their commitment to the well-being of their host nation. He divulged that Zuma is striving to make investment interesting for investors.

“President Jacob Zuma supports a better investment climate and we will be fast-tracking plans for a one-stop shop for businesses interested in SA in order to reduce costs and the complexity of investing in the country,” he said.

Disclosing thus – “South Africa’s great asset is our young people. They are growing up and getting an education. The combination of youth and skills will make SA and Africa a center of global economic growth,” Ramaphosa added that South Africa needed Japan’s assistance in such things like “boat building, hydropower, aquaculture, water and sanitation and agriculture and agro-processing.”

As reported, the delegation of the Federation of Economic Organisation of Japan told the Vice President and other officials that Japanese companies intend to expand consumer market in Africa.

The intent of Japanese companies according to the delegation, is to contribute to the development of high-quality infrastructures that will boost sustainable development in South Africa and Africa at large.