Gay Couple Turned Away By Wedding Venue Owner: ANC Reacts


The ANC in Western Cape says the party will ask the South African Human Rights Commission to investigate Beloftebos Venue Owners for refusing to lease their property to a gay couple.

ANC provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs announced this on Monday, just a few days after constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos‚ wrote to the SAHRC asking them to investigate the matter.

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In a statement, Jacobs condemned the venue owners for turning away the couple simply because they are in the same-sex-relationship.

He also called on South Africans to boycott Beloftebos and other businesses that discriminate against others.

Last week, there was a widespread outcry on social media after Beloftebos Wedding Venue owners refused to lease their property to Marketing manager Alexandra Thorne and her American fiancée Alex Lu to host their nuptials.

The couple had insisted going for the venue after they fell in love with it. But they received their wildest shock when the owners told them that hosting a same-sex marriage in the venue would dishonour and disobey God and will definitely have eternal consequences.

The property owners further defended their action on their website on Friday, saying they only host heterosexual marriages on their property.

“This belief, in turn, guides our venue’s policy. It is our conscience before God which prohibits us from hosting any other kind of ‘marriage’ on our property,” Beloftebos wrote.

An enraged Thorne then took to Facebook and revealed everything that transpired between them and owners of the venue.  It was after this that many people began to criticize Beloftebos owners for the discrimination.

Overwhelmed with the support on social media, Thorne thanked her teeming supporters for the love shown to her and her fiancee.

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“Based on the response from the [Facebook] post‚ it seems there are more people concerned with upholding our basic human rights than there are people hoping to tear it down‚ so that’s positive,” she wrote.

Following the incident, many have come out in support of the couple, with at least seven venue owners offering to lease their properties to the lovebirds.