Beautiful Swati Traditional Attire For Women and Men

Swati traditional attire is mostly made with the Emahiya print which has different colors but maintains the same design – the logo on the Kingdom of Eswatini’s flag. The material is worn for special traditional occasions, weddings, and social events. To get a modern style, the Emahiya fabrics are usually combined with other materials such as lace, chiffon, organza, or plain net material. These combinations look fabulous and also reflect the unique culture of the Swati people.

Also referred to as Emaswati, the Swati people are a Bantu ethnic group located in Southern Africa. They reside mostly in the Kingdom of Eswatini (which is one of the smallest countries in Africa) and South Africa. They have a rich cultural heritage and are known for their unique handcraft, including the Swati traditional beaded necklace known as Ligcebesha.

Swati Attire For Ladies

For ladies who love to garner attention with their dress styles, we have got you covered as our list has dazzling Swati traditional attires you can choose from. The styles are mostly made with the Emahiya print and can perfectly fit ladies of any size and shape.

1. Swati Inspired Short Mermaid Gown

This is a lovely Swati traditional attire with a touch of western style. It perfectly combines a multi-colored Swati print with plain black material. The outfit is body fitting and thus, reveals the body shape and curve in a great way. While the gown is mostly made with the plain black material, it is beautified with the Swati print at the bust region, and the fabric is equally used to create the mermaid style at the above knee level.

As a modern Swati dressing style, the gown can be worn to special outings, social functions, and equally traditional occasions. It can be rocked without jewelry and also matched with nice flat shoes of any color.

2. Swati Inspired Long V-Neck Ball Gown

Ladies who love to showcase their inimitable fashion sense and cultural values won’t go wrong with this amazing Swati-inspired V-neck ball gown. Here, the lady’s outfit is an eye-catching combination of red Emahiya fabric and red plain material. The upper part of the gown is fitted and has an off-shoulder hand with a pronounced V-neckline made with the Swati Emahiya print.

The lower part, starting from the waist region, features a ball style with two layers. The first inside layer is above knee level and is made with the Emahiya print while the second layer reaches to the toe tip and is made completely with the plain red fabric. The long ball gown has a long slit by the side that further beautifies the dressing style. Additionally, the outfit is adorned with a well-crafted Swati traditional necklace and can be worn with a black high heel shoe.

3. Blue Swati Emahiya Short Flare Gown

Another Swati traditional attire that every lady would like to rock is this lovely blue Swati Emahiya flare gown with a puffy three-quart sleeve. The outfit is loosely fitted at the top and has a V-neckline. While the upper part of the gown is made solely with blue Emahiya print, the lower part, which has a flared style created in three layers, is made from a combination of plain blue and white materials.

The outfit can be worn to wedding occasions, special functions, and outings. It can also be complemented with custom earrings and nice high heel sandals or shoes.

4. Swati Inspired White Mermaid Gown

Be sure to turn all heads when you rock this charming and colorful Swati traditional attire to any event or traditional celebration. The outfit clearly showcases the richness of the culture of the Swati people. The beautiful strapless gown has a V-neck and is tightly fitted. While it is made mostly with plain white material, it is adorned with a multi-colored Swati fabric used to create the mermaid design from above knee level.

By terminating the gown with a three-step layer made from the combination of the Swati print and plain white fabric, the outfit has an electrifying fashion blend. It can be matched with a Swati traditional beaded necklace which aids in portraying your cultural values as an individual.

5. Red Swati Emahiya One-Arm Flare Gown

It’s quite undeniable that the Emahiya print looks glamorous irrespective of the style it’s being made into. Little wonder that people from other tribes are now rocking it, showcasing the Swati culture to the world. Here, the red Swati Emahiya fabric is used to create this elegant outfit.

The dressing style has one sleeveless arm and is tightly fitted from the top to the waist region where it becomes flared, terminating above knee level. It is adorned with a tiny black waist belt and the outfit can be worn with a black flat sole shoe or flat shoe of any other color. It can equally go without jewelry as seen here.

6. Deep Blue Swati Emahiya Fishtail Gown With Centre Slit

This Swati traditional dress has a full expression of elegance and class. The style would definitely make any lady stand out from the crowd when rocked to social functions. Interestingly, it would fit ladies of any size and shape. The lovely fitted fishtail gown is made solely with a deep blue Emahiya material.

It features two tiny patterns across the shoulder along with a well-pronounced sweetheart neckline. Then at the knee level is a fishtail design adorned with a center split that gives the outfit a perfect classy look while maintaining simplicity. It can pass for a wedding guest dress or even a traditional wedding dress.

7. Blue Swati Emahiya Strapless Ball Gown

Here is another Swati traditional attire that fully expresses simplicity and class. It has a remarkable fashion blend of western-style and native style. The long strapless ball gown is made from a combination of blue Swati Emahiya material and blue net fabric.

While the fitted top is made with the Emahiya print, the lower part of the dress sensationally combines the blue Swati print with blue net fabric. Though it is mostly made with net material, the Emahiya fabric runs down from the waist to the toe tip at the center. The outfit is perfect for any kind of event as it has an admirable Swati fashion blend.

8. Yellow Swati Emahiya Flare Gown

If you are looking for a style that will reveal your good fashion sense while maintaining a simple look, this yellow Swati Emahiya flare gown will do justice to that as it has a touch of western style. The simple but classy outfit is made mostly with a yellow Emahiya print and further designed with black chiffon material from which the loose sleeves are made.

The edge of the sleeves is additionally trimmed with a tiny band of plain yellow material. The top of the gown is loosely fitted while the downward part from the waist level is flare styled and has loose pleats. It is further beautified with black net material that terminates the gown at below knee level. The fabulous outfit can be complemented with a silver-colored high heel shoe or high heel shoe of any other color.

9. Orange Swati Emahiya Fishtail Gown

Though it’s much of a western-style, this Swati traditional dress wholly reflects the rich cultural heritage of Emaswati. The strapless gown is made with an orange-colored Emahiya material. With the top of the outfit completely made with the logo on the flag of the Kingdom of Eswatini and also featuring a bold bow-tie design, the style looks super gorgeous!

The lower part of the dress is body fitting and has a fishtail design at the knee level. The dressing style is then perfectly matched with a headscarf made of the same orange-colored Emahiya print. Also, the gown can go without jewelry and matching flat sandals as seen here can be worn. It can be rocked to traditional events and wedding occasions as well.

Swati Traditional Attire For Men

Oftentimes, Swati men prefer to beautify their attires by placing the Emahiya fabric on one shoulder as it helps to showcase their unique culture and tradition. Nonetheless, we have gathered other Swati traditional attires with stunning designs and they are listed below!

10. Swati Inspired Red Shirt With Plain Trousers

First on our list of Swati traditional attire for men is this elegant Swati-inspired red shirt rocked with plain milk-colored trousers. The long sleeve shirt is made from a combination of plain red material and red Emahiya fabric. The front side features the logo on the flag of Eswatini, giving it a stunning appearance. The outfit further has a Swati fashion blend as it is complemented with a scepter held by the man. It can be worn with sneakers or canvas.

11. Swati Inspired White Shirt and Black Trousers

Here is another well-tailored Swati-inspired shirt for men with an appealing fashion taste. The formal shirt is majorly made with plain white material and then designed in front with pieces of Swati print used to create a circular design. The shirt can be matched with plain black trousers or plain trousers of any other color.

12. Blue Swati Emahiya Shirt With Jeans Trousers

Ideal for outings and traditional events, this blue Swati Emahiya shirt matched with jeans trousers perfectly combines western and native styles. The outfit is loosely fitted and the shirt is made solely with blue Swati Emahiya fabric, expressing the Swati culture to the fullest. It can be worn with sneakers, shoes, or sandals.

13. Blue Swati Emahiya Sleeveless Top With Black Trousers

For men that have a special likeness for a simple but classy outfit, this blue Swati Emahiya sleeveless top would precisely be a top choice. Though the Swati traditional attire looks casual, it is very charming. The top is beautifully made from Swati print and is worn with black trousers, perfecting the dressing style.

14. White Top and Trousers With Blue Emahiya Design

Here is another Swati traditional attire with a western fashion blend. The top is a casual white T-shirt then adorned with blue Swati Emahiya fabric tied across the arm to the shoulder level. The outfit is matched with checkered trousers and a canvas as well. It can be worn to traditional celebrations and special outings.

15. Swati Inspired Shirt With Jeans Trousers

Though looking much like a western dress code, this attire portrays the uniqueness of the Swati people’s culture. The shirt is Swati-inspired as it is created from a combination of a Swati print and plain black material. It is rocked with blue jeans trousers and black sneakers, which make the dressing style look amazing.

16. Shirt and Trousers With Swati Print Placed on One Shoulder

As we can see, most men prefer to blend western styles with Swati traditional dress code. Here, the man is rocking a floral pattern shirt and checkered trousers but then incorporates Swati fashion to the style by placing a Swati print on one shoulder. He further perfects the style with nice shoes.

17. Blue Swati Emahiya Shirt and Shorts

This is a lovely Swati traditional attire that can help any man express his values for Swati culture and tradition. The outfit, which is a blue Swati Emahiya shirt and shorts, is completely made with Swati fabric. The shirt is gorgeously styled and has short sleeves. Then the shorts has side pockets. The attire can be worn to wedding occasions, social events, and special outings as well.

18. Swati Inspired White Shirt and Black Trousers

Taking Swati traditional attire to a whole new level is this well-designed Swati-inspired shirt and plain black trousers worn by the groomsmen on a Swati wedding occasion. The shirt is mostly made with plain white material and designed at the terminating point with a black and white Swati fabric. The outfit is additionally matched with black shoes.

Swati Wedding Dresses

Here are super gorgeous Swati wedding dresses for brides and grooms that will make their special day glamorous and equally leave them with an unforgettable memory of their wedding celebrations.

19. Swati Inspired Long Fishtail Gown

This stunning outfit is made from a combination of three materials – red Swati Emahiya fabric, plain white fabric, and white net material. The dress is ideal for a traditional wedding ceremony. It has a strapless design with V-neck and equally features a well-blown out mermaid design at the lower end.

While the top is made with the Swati fabric, the waist region down to the knee level is made of plain white material. Then the mermaid tail features a combination of Swati print and white net material. The outfit can be matched with white high heel shoes.

20. White Shirt and Trousers With Swati Print Placed on One Shoulder

Here is a Swati traditional attire for wedding occasions that uniquely expresses the rich cultural inheritance of Emaswati. Though rocking a formal white shirt and plain white trousers, the dressing style incorporates a Swati fashion blend as a Swati print is placed on one shoulder and a sceptre is being held also. Classy sneakers would further perfect this dressing style.

21. White Swati Emahiya Gown With Flappy Sleeves and Overflow

With this white Swati Emahiya gown beautified with an orange-coloured Emahiya print, any bride can be sure to garner attention from the guests when rocked on the day of her traditional wedding. The classy style has long sleeves with a two-layer flappy mouth design created with the orange Emahiya print.

The same Swati fabric is also used to trim the overflowing edge of the dress and this gives it a stunning appearance. The outfit is further adorned with a Swati traditional necklace.

22. Swati Inspired Black Suit (Male) Yellow Swati Emahiya Mermaid Gown With Isicholo Hat (Female)

What a way to make your big day quite memorable with this elegant and classic style as a groom and bride. Even though it has a touch of western style, it features a Swati fashion blend. Here, the bride is wearing a sleeveless mermaid gown made from a combination of yellow Swati Emahiya and black net material.

The blown-out mermaid design stylishly combines the two materials. The groom, on the other hand, is rocking a Swati-inspired black suit and trousers.

23. Red Swati Lihiya Traditional Attire With Ligcebesha

This is one of the most common Swati traditional attire worn by grooms on their traditional wedding day. The outfit is known as Swati Lihiya traditional attire and often goes with Swati traditional beaded necklace called Ligcebesha. It is normally rocked with a Swati print skirt and lovely shoes that best match the dressing style.

24. Swati Inspired Strapless Ball Gown With Isicholo Hat

This strapless ball gown created from a combination of blue Swati Emahiya and blue net material gives beautiful brides the opportunity to add good vibes to their special day. While the upper part is made with the Swati print, the lower part with ball style is made with the net fabric. The outfit clearly shows the bride’s cultural values as well. It is adorned with a matching Isicholo hat and a sceptre.

25. Red Swati Emahiya Shirt With Black Trousers (Male) Red Emahiya Short Mermaid Gown (Female)

Any bride and groom won’t go wrong with this colourful matching outfit as their traditional wedding dress. While the man is wearing a short-sleeve shirt, made from red Swati Emahiya and black trousers, the lady’s outfit is a well-designed short mermaid gown. Additionally, the dress features an attachment of a loosely pleated plain red material used to create the short mermaid tail style in a slanty pattern.

26. Swati Inspired Blue Emahiya Shirt and Trousers

Here, the groom and the groomsmen are rocking a matching outfit, though designed differently. The amazing Swati traditional attire is created from a combination of blue Emahiya print and blue plain material. The groom rocks a three-quart hand shirt, made mostly with plain blue material, and Swati print trousers.

Whereas, the groomsmen are wearing Swati-inspired shirts and plain blue trousers. Interestingly, the trio matched the dressing style with the same style of sandals.

27. Swati Inspired Red Emahiya Wedding Gown

Ideal as a Swati traditional wedding dress and also a white wedding gown, this Swati-inspired red Emahiya gown resonates with the colour of love – red. It looks classy and stylish as it is made from a combination of Swati print, plain red material, and red chiffon material. The Swati fabric is used to design the top of the dress, while the lower part that features a ball style is made solely with chiffon material.

28. White Shirt and Black Trousers With Swati Print Placed on One Shoulder (Male) Black Swati Emahiya Off-Shoulder, Mermaid Gown (Female)

Another Swati traditional attire for wedding occasions is this black Swati Emahiya off-shoulder mermaid gown for the bride and white shirt and black trousers, complemented by placing a Swati print on one shoulder, for the groom. The attire truly showcases the unique cultural heritage of Emaswati as the lady’s gown is beautified with bird’s feathers. The attire can be rocked with white sneakers and white high heel shoes.

29. Swati Inspired V-Neck Strapless Gown

Here, the bride and the bridesmaid are wearing Swati-inspired fishtail gowns. The bride’s outfit is a strapless gown with V-neckline. It features a peplum style made with red Swati Emahiya at the waist region. The dress is body-fitting and can be matched with a Swati print headscarf and a sceptre. She further added to her appearance by wearing a dazzling necklace.

30. Swati Inspired Shirt and Trousers (Male) Red Swati Lihiya Traditional Attire (Female)

For brides who wish to fully portray the Swati culture to the world, this red Lihiya traditional attire can perfectly get it done. Though looking simple, the attire has a great value amongst Swati people. On the other hand, the groom is wearing a Swati-inspired white shirt and Swati print trousers. The outfit is ideal for a traditional wedding ceremony.


Swati people boast of diverse traditional attire for men and women with classy looks. With the people making up part of the population of South Africa, the gorgeous Emahiya print is now popular with other tribes in the country. As a landlocked country in Southern Africa, Eswatini is bordered by South Africa to the north, south, southeast, and west, as well as Mozambique to the northeast.

No wonder, their language―Swazi is one of the official languages of South Africa. In recent years, the Emaswati traditional dressing styles have helped them gain recognition in the countries they reside in Southern Africa, as they are never shy of portraying their cultural inheritance through their unique traditional attire.

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