Beautiful Swati Baby Names and their Meanings

Choosing a perfect name for a baby is time-consuming most times. It takes most parents days and sometimes months to finally pick a name from the numerous names on their list. Family members, relations, and friends sometimes add to the burden by suggesting their preferred names for the baby. Whatever be the case, babies are precious, so they deserve beautiful names.

Like in most cultures, Swati baby names do stick with the babies for the rest of their lives. This explains why most Swati parents do take their time to pick their baby’s names. Are you searching for beautiful Swati names with unique meanings for your baby? Here is a list of Swati baby names for boys and girls and their meanings.

Beautiful Swati Baby Names and their Meanings

In the African culture, parents don’t just wake up and give their babies names. They literarily take their time before choosing a name because it is generally believed that names are more than an identity, whether long or short.

Swati names are generally beautiful and unique. Whether a baby’s name is modern or not, it does not take away its meaning and uniqueness. It is important to note that the names on our list are unique to Nguni nations. This means that it is common to see people bearing these names among Nguni communities. These communities comprise Swati, Zulu, Ndebele, and Xhosa.

Swati Baby Boy Names

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1. Siyabonga

Meaning: We give thanks

2. Sibusiso

Meaning: Blessing

3. Simphiwe

Meaning: God has given us this child

4. Lindokuhle

Meaning: wait for the good and beautiful things to come, or wait for the best time

5. Lindelwa

Meaning: The one we waited for

6. Banele

Meaning: Boys are enough

7. Bongani

Meaning: To give or show gratitude or be grateful

8. Sifiso

Meaning: What we wished for

9. Sanele

Meaning: Satisfied, we have enough or sufficient

10. Sabelo

Meaning: Gift from God

11. Mduduzi

Meaning: Comforter, Peacekeeper

12. Wandile

Meaning: Abundance, multiplied, extra

13. Nkosinathi

Meaning: God with us

14. Sihle

Meaning: Beautiful gift

This is the shorter version of the name Siphesihle.

15. Nhlanhla

Meaning: Luck or fortune

16. Lungelo

Meaning: A right to (like a human right to something), privilege

17. Melusi

Meaning: Shephard or a leader

18. Lungile

Meaning: Someone of good character, kind, humble, and down to earth

19. Sipho

Meaning: Gift of God

20. Musa

Meaning: Grace, mercy, and kindness

21. Bandile

Meaning: The family has grown or increased

22. Sakhile

Meaning: We have built

23. Nkosingiphile

Meaning: God-given or the Lord has given

24.  Lwazi

Meaning: Knowledge or wisdom

25. Bambanani

Meaning: To unite

26. Bezile

Meaning: First of twins, they have come

27. Khuthala

Meaning: Second of twins, be diligent

28. Kwanele

Meaning: It is enough

29. Zithembe

Meaning: Trust yourself

30. Unathi

Meaning: He is with us

31. Themba

Meaning: Trust, hope

32. Thando

Meaning: Love

33. Sizwe

Meaning: Nation

34. Qukeza

Meaning: First of twins, be diligent

35. Philani

Meaning: We are in good health

36. Mzwamadoda

Meaning: Family where men dominate

37. Muzikayise

Meaning: To build his father’s house

38. Msizi

Meaning: A helper

39. Mahlubandile

Meaning: The clan has increased

40. Samkeliso

Meaning: A gift has been given

Swati Baby Girl Names

41. Mbali

Meaning: Beautiful flower

This name is given to a child because of her beauty or aesthetic. Most parents give their child this name because of the joy she brings to the family.

42. Tengetile

Meaning: Additional member of the family

43. Nomcebo

Meaning: Queen of wealth or mother of wealth

44. Nonhlanhla

Meaning: Mother of luck

45. Ayibongiwe

Meaning: May God be thanked

46. Nolwazi

Meaning: Mother of knowledge or gift of knowledge

47. Nosipho

Meaning: Gift

48. Ayanda

Meaning: We are having more girls

49. Nokwanda

Meaning: Expand or growth

50. Nothando

Meaning: Loving or lovely

51. Awande

Meaning: May love or kindness grow

52. Buyisiwe

Meaning: Blessed

53. Guyu

Meaning: Precious

54. Langalibalel

Meaning: One born during a drought

55. Lindiwe

Meaning: Waited for

56. Zinhle

Meaning: A beautiful child

57. Vuyo

Meaning: Happiness

58. Thembeka

Meaning: To be reliable

59. Thanduxolo

Meaning: Lover of peace

60. Thabisa

Meaning: A child that brings joy

61. Slindile

Meaning: We are waiting

62. Siphephelo

Meaning: Refuge

63. Sinethemba

Meaning: We have hope

64. Ntombentsha

Meaning: A new girl

65. Ntombifuthi

Meaning: Another girl

66. Ntombifikile

Meaning: The girl has arrived

67. Notumato

Meaning: Beautiful at birth

68. Nothembi

Meaning: Faith, hope

69. Nosopholo

Meaning: Born at super time

70. Nontasasa

Meaning: Born in the early morning

71. Nonkululeko

Meaning: Freedom

72. Nomusa

Meaning: Grace and kindness

73. Nomthandazo

Meaning: Prayer

74. Nomsa

Meaning: A caring one, faithful

75. Nomfazwe

Meaning: Born during a war

76. Nombulelo

Meaning: Gratitude

77. Nokresimesi

Meaning: A child born on the Christmas day

78. Nofoto

Meaning: Like her grandmother

79. Nkosiphendule

Meaning: The Lord has answered

80. Nandi

Meaning: Sweet

81. Mthobeli

Meaning: The obedient one

82. Lulama

Meaning: meek, soft-spoken

83. Tandzile

Meaning: Addition or increase.

Swazi parents name their baby girls Tandzile when she happens to be the last child, especially in a family where the parents had already settled to stop giving birth to children.

Swati Names for Twin Boys

Beautiful Swati Baby Names and their Meanings
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84. Sandile and Andile

85 Sanele and Anele

86. Sifiso and Sfiso

87. Sibusiso and Ndumiso

Swati Names for Twin Girls

88. Ayize and Zenzile

89. Nonhalanhla and Sinenhlanhla

90. Thembekile and Thembeka

91. Amahle and Zinhle

92. Nozizwe and Simphiwe

93. Busisiwe and Sindisiwe

Swati Gender-Neutral Names

A gender-neutral name is unisex, meaning the name could be given to a boy or a girl. Most unisex names were mainly used by one gender in the past but are now common for both genders. Unisex names are common in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States and in African regions like Swati.

Preference for a family name is one of the major reasons most parents choose gender-neutral names. Also, one of the ways Swati parents form unisex names is by naming their child in honor of a person of another sex. Generally, Swati’s unisex names are unique, cool, cute, and fun.

94. Andile

Meaning: Multiplied plenty or abundance.

95. Sandile

Meaning: You have increased our family.

Sandile is mostly to last borns, signaling the satisfaction that the family has grown big in number.

Modern Swati Names

There is absolutely nothing wrong with parents giving their babies names that are trendy and modern at the same time. In fact, most parents are gradually dumping olden names in favor of modern ones, and the case is not different in Swati communities.

Unfortunately, after a thorough search, we discovered that modern Swati names are difficult to come by. There haven’t been submissions on it anywhere, including on popular name websites.

Nevertheless, virtually all the names we mentioned above can still fit in – be it baby boy names, baby girl names, or the ones for twins. We promise to keep you updated once we lay our hands on these names.

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