DA Out-Smarts ANC, Secures Deal To Co-Govern Four Municipalities In Western Cape


The Democratic Alliance (DA)’s impressive performance at the municipal elections moved a step further this weekend when the party reportedly secured four municipalities with smaller parties.

The DA has been pulling out all the stops in hung metros where it needs a coalition to run. There were four hung municipalities in the Western Cape and they include Beaufort West, Laingsburg, Bitou, and Hessequa.

As gathered, the opposition party has once again made a headway with their coalition deal with smaller parties after securing a deal to co-govern four municipalities in the Western Cape with the Karoo Gemeenskap Party, Karoo Democratic Force, and the Karoo Ontwikkelings Party.

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The deal will see the three minor parties run three municipalities while the DA will take full control of Beaufort West.

According to the deal, the Karoo Gemeenskap Party will take the mayoral position in Prince Albert while the Karoo Ontwikkelings Party will take over the mayoral seat in Laingsburg.

Karoo Democratic Force will take the mayoral position at the Central Karoo District municipality while the Karoo Gemeenskap Party is expected to fill the position of the deputy mayor and speaker.

With this arrangement, the DA will be replacing controversial ANC Beaufort West mayor, Truman Prince.

The Karoo Democratic Force (KDF) is a breakaway a group of former ANC members in the region.

The DA emerged victorious in ANC’s traditional base – Beaufort West with 49.2 percent of the votes; followed by the ANC with 42.2%; the Karoo Democratic Force got 4.05%; while the EFF got 1.39%.

DA’s victory in the Western Cape is the first since the democratic government took over power in 1994.

Remarkably, the key prize for the DA is the City of Cape Town which the DA won with 67.57 percent

Meanwhile, further details of the coalition deal will be announced in Cape Town on Friday during a press conference between the DA, Karoo Gemeenskap Party, Karoo Democratic Force and the Karoo Ontwikkelings Party.

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