‘DA Is Trying To Take Us Back To Apartheid Days’ – BDS SA


A Palestine solidarity and human rights organisation BDS South Africa condemned DA leader, Mmusi Maimane’s visit to Israel wailing that the DA is “normalizing apartheid with Israel.”

The human rights organization referred to a report commissioned by the SA Government and the SA Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) which found that Israel is practicing apartheid.

With that, BDS SA condemned “the cosy-ing up of the DA with the collaborators of (SA’s) former oppressors.”

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“Israel backed and supported Apartheid South Africa with weapons including nuclear weaponry that was used against our people.

“It speaks volumes that the DA is trying to take us back to Apartheid days by forging relations with countries like Israel and other regimes that backed Apartheid,” stated the human rights organisation.

To BDS SA, it’s worrying for DA and Maimane to claim that they want to listen to what Israelis and Palestinian are asking for whereas they are ignoring what Palestinians and progressive Israels are saying.

“…The DA is utterly silent on Israel’s illegal settlements and 8m high Apartheid Wall that encircles the Holy Town of Bethlehem.

The DA claim to be meeting with Palestinian human rights activists but cannot mention a single reputable organization.

Its mention of Palestinians seems like an after-thought…

The DA claim to support a peaceful solution but are utterly silent on Israel’s Apartheid policies, Israel’s Apartheid Wall, the political prisoners situation including the over 400 child prisoners, the continued construction of the illegal settlements and the expansion of the settlement industry.

The DA claim to support peace but don’t condemn Israel’s illegal settlements or call out Israel’s racism against Africans.

Maimane and the DA are behaving like hypocrites who claimed to be in in support of resolving Apartheid, like Nixon and Thatcher, during the 1980s, but who were utterly silent in the face of the killing and oppression of our people.”

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With the above, BDS SA asserted that it is no use for DA to claim they are supporting peace whereas they’re silent in the face of the abuse of human rights involved in the Israel and Palestine unrest.

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