BCM Water Truck Supplies Water Only To ANC Supporters


While strike action at Amatola Water continues, residents of Tyutyu village in Buffalo City Metro (BCM) cry over recent political discrimination that goes on in their community via distribution of water by the BCM water Truck.

 Hundreds of Tyutyu village families in BCM claim they’ve been deprived of water supplied by the BCM water truck in the past weekend.

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Speaking to Daily Dispatch, the families in the community claim that the BCM Water Truck meant to distribute water to them only does so to households of ANC supporters while those who did not cast their vote in support of the ruling party and had aligned themselves with independent candidate Mpumelelo Feni in the recent elections, were denied access to water.

According to a number of villager present during the media investigation, the truck driver travels around the village with ANC members “who dictated as to who must be provided with the water and who should not”.

Confirming the presence of the ANC officials, the news media said ANC members Vatiswa Mzomba and Anelisa Tapile were seen in front seat of the water truck along with the driver.

In return, Mzomba, an ANC member precent at the scene withdrew from speaking to news media but quickly pointed out that they only delivered water to those a certain “Mamela from BCM” asked them to.

Asked who “Mamela” was, she said: “I don’t know, go ask around.”

Meanwhile, Mpumelelo Feni who was saddened by the report said he had reported the matter to BCM mayor Xola Pakati and council speaker Alfred Mtsi on Sunday.

“ANC people are gambling with people’s lives here by depriving them of the basic need for them to survive,” he said.

“People were told to go to Feni to ask for the water. They were told that water was organised by the ANC and that whoever did not vote for the party, was not entitled to receive a supply.

“This is abuse of human rights by those who think they are politically superior to others.”

Speaking further on this, Bhokani Natu- a 71-year old resident there said: “Things like these are the reason the ANC has lost so much support in our area.”

Also, DA member Nosiphiwo Roji said her bucket full of water was thrown to the ground on Saturday and she was told the water only belonged to ANC members.

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ANC ward 35 councillor Siyabonga Skolo said he had asked Mzomba and Tapile to travel with the truck but denied they were not delivering to people who had voted for other parties.

“I am confident that everyone has received water. If there are people who have not, I will never condone that and will have to investigate the matter.”

A large group of residents were seen waiting outside their yards with buckets. They said elderly and sick people were struggling to cope with the situation.