BCCSA: What The SABC Must Do To Keep Generations Sex Scenes On TV


While the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) has concluded that Generations: The Legacy should remain on the small screen, it has a few conditions before the SABC could continue showing it.

The commission found that the public broadcaster’s sexed-up soapie didn’t breach the broadcasting code. Nevertheless, it ordered the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) to add an additional warning for the “ultra-suggestive sex scenes” broadcasting on SABC1 at a time when children are still watching TV.

The judgment came after the SABC and BCCSA were flooded by viewer complaints two weeks ago over the fact that the popular soapie is feeding South Africans with soft porn.

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Viewers complained that they’re no longer able to watch the supposedly family entertainment weekday prime time soap opera with their children because the sex scenes are getting too intense. The soapie from Morula Pictures shows “soft porn” content in a storyline in which a woman uses sex to take revenge and that’s been deemed not suitable for children.

Consequently, Generations: The Legacy‘s titillating scenes caused an uproar, causing the BCCSA to receive 160 complaints from concerned viewers.

Again, the SABC broadcasts the soapie’s episodes at 20:00, an hour before the so-called “watershed” period when kids are not supposed to watch TV kicks in at 21:00. It is only between 21:00 and 05:00 that the public broadcaster is allowed to show somewhat racy entertainment content with adequate on-screen warnings.

In its judgement, the BCCSA found that the SABC “has not breached any of the provisions of the Code of Conduct”.
While the BCCSA also concluded that Generations: The Legacy didn’t show explicit sex scenes it found that the scenes “do test the line between suggestive sex and explicit sex”.

“The groaning kisses and/or systematic removal of clothing do also test the thin line between suggestive sex and explicit sex.”

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According to the BCCSA, the SABC “must place an additional audience advisory whenever such ultra-suggestive sex scenes” are on air. Words like”Today’s episode may contain some scenes which involve suggestive sex. Viewer discretion is advised,” can help parents to take precautionary measures when watching with their kids.