Bathabile Dlamini’s Addis Ababa Trip: It’s Been Confirmed She Used DSD Money


It has been confirmed that the bill of Bathabile Dlamini’s Addis Ababa trip was footed by the Department of Social Development (DSD).

This revelation was made in a response to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question where the Minister of Social Development admitted that DSS in January this year, footed the bill for her trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Reacting to this revelation, DA specified that Bathabile Dlamini’s Addis Ababa trip happened the same time the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) launched its task team and young women’s desk in Addis Ababa.

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“Photographs and media reports from her trip to Addis Ababa point towards Dlamini seemingly attending events in her capacity as the Chairperson ANCWL, despite her representatives claiming that she was there on official state business,” DA contended.

With that, the party disclosed that it will submit further parliamentary questions to find out how much public money was spent on the trip.

“The DA will now submit further parliamentary questions to find out how much public money was spent on this trip, considering that she might have attended to ANCWL affairs during her stay in Ethiopia.

“The trip meant that Dlamini missed a crucial portfolio committee meeting in which she was supposed to give Parliament an update on the DSD and SASSAs progress in institutionalising the distribution of social grants.

“When 17 million poor and vulnerable South Africans were unsure whether they would receive their social grants on time, the Minister ignored their plight in order to attend to official ANC business,” stated the party.

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Also, DA asserted that the minister has continuously proved that she is unfit to hold office.

“But, the President in his cabinet reshuffle, has proven that he awards self-serving and careless individuals, who show little remorse for the suffering of our people.

“As long as Dlamini is a Minister, the DA will continue to hold her accountable for her poor performance, as it is becoming shockingly obvious that the President will not,” DA vowed.