Bathabile Dlamini Pulls Down Social Media Account Following Twitter Uproar


Controversial president of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) Bathabile Dlamini has forcefully pulled down her twitter account after she was battered and backlashed on Tuesday.

Dlamini had no choice but to recoil yesterday after she cut many social media users to the quick, in a bid to secure their forgiveness for Zuma on the Nkandla debacle.

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Her tweet lamented about South Africa’s and the continent’s unwillingness to forgive Zuma and also their refusal to accept his apologies and implementation of corrective measures. She described the situation as “alarming and shocking”.

Bathabile Dlamini Unhappy With Zuma’s Humiliation

Bathabile Dlamini’s reaction on Twitter followed Zuma’s humiliation in Parliament on Tuesday when he appeared before the MPs to answer their questions.

Zuma was humiliated in Parliament when Congress of the People walked out on him in a bid to show their grievance. The DA also attacked him; demanding an immediate investigation on how Zuma acquired the R7.8 million home loan from VBS Mutual Bank to pay the state for non-security upgrades to his private home.

Not long after, Julius Malema and his EFF MPs followed suit; insisting they were not prepared to listen to President Jacob Zuma address the assembly; because he no longer has the constitutional right to address them as a president of South Africa.

“This house only allows honourable people to speak here. We are not allowing a criminal to speak to this house. We will leave because we are not prepared to listen to this criminal. We will come back when the criminal is gone‚” Malema insisted.

BuzzSouthAfrica recalled that the EFF wrote a letter to National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete on Monday; demanding that she must urgently prevent Zuma from answering questions in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

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In the letter, the opposition party reminded Mbete that “the only correct interpretation of the Constitutional Court’s ruling on Mr. Zuma is that he has broken the oath of office and violated the Constitution”. This, therefore, renders him personally and individually unsuitable to occupy the office of President of the Republic of South Africa.”

The opposition party maintained that this violation has rendered him personally and individually unsuitable to occupy the office of President of the Republic of South Africa.

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