Video: See How Angry PE Residents Made ANCWL President Bathabile Dlamini Cry


The bitter truth is that more South Africans would have really loved to watch Bathabile Dlamini cry again and again. Others may also would have loved to offer her their handkerchiefs while she cry. But, all these couldn’t come by because the insulted women’s league league sped off immediately her beads of tears came rolling.

The video below shows the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) President Bathabile Dlamini crying as a result of the hostile attitude put up against her by Port Elizabeth residents. Dlamini was in PE to commission the Ernest Malgas drug treatment centre. But her official visit turned sour as angry residents in New Brighton community stormed the area and spanked her with verbal insults.

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According to the embittered residents, Dlamini has no right to visit them because she was drunk from expensive whiskey and she was not wanted in the area. While the insults lasted, the minister, who couldn’t control her emotions bursted into tears.

An unknown man however came to her pitiable aid, urging the daring residents to stop with the aggressive confrontation and instead look for a place to talk about their grievances.

Meanwhile, the humiliated women’s leader has reacted to the shameful insults hurled at her. Dlamini reportedly asserted that the only reason why she failed to fight back her critics was because the ANC would discipline her for violent actions.

Following what many considered a hilarious visit, many South Africans have expressed their views, others added salt to Dlamini’s injury by satirizing the whole episode.

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The minister cum women president has continued to push aside public outcry against President Zuma by her continuous praises and alloyed loyalty. She recently stated that she would remain resolute to defend and guard the revolution against those who wish to divide the ruling the African National Congress (ANC)

Below are some of their tweets.


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