Reeva’s Parents Assent To NPA’s Decision To Appeal Pistorius’ ‘Lenient’ Sentence


Parents of Oscar Pistorius’ murdered girlfriend, Mr and Mrs Barry Steenkamp have supported prosecutor Gerrie Nel and his team’s decision to appeal murderer Oscar Pistorius’s sentence.

Yesterday, the National Prosecuting Authority announced its decision to appeal Pistorius’ “shockingly too lenient” jail sentence.

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In addition, Reeva’s family also stated that they did not influence the State’s decision to appeal the sentence.

The family’s attorney said: “They don’t have a say in this. That is the decision the State makes and of course they support it now because they’ve always believed that they’re fighting for Reeva.”

The Steenkamps rather stated that they intended focusing their energy on the upcoming launch of the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation on August 19, her 33rd birthday.

“Reeva was killed on the same morning she was due to deliver a speech against the abuse of women‚ at a school in Johannesburg,” the grieving family said.

The murdered model’s mother, June Steenkamp disclosed all that matters to her now is live the life  her daughter would have lived and also be her voice in educating women about domestic violence and abuse, and having them empowered.

Meanwhile, Pistorius’ family is yet to comment on the development.

However, Oscar’s brother, Carl, reacted on the social media by stating that the decision has left him speechless and shocked.

On July 6, convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius was handed a 6 year jail term for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp; whom he killed on February 14, 2013; claiming he mistook her for an intruder.

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Counsel for Pistorius‚ Barry Roux‚ said the defence would not contend the ruling; despite his client maintaining his innocence on the charge of murder.

The athlete had already served 12 months in jail for the fatal shooting before he was sent back to prison after South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal upgraded his conviction from manslaughter to murder.

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