Banks Should Help SA Government To Equip Women For Businesses – Zuma


President Zuma has called on SA’s private sectors and banks to assist the government in achieving it plans for an economic and National development of the country that will help bring about positive change.

The president who was speaking at the Union Buildings in Pretoria to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the historic women’s march, noted that the state government need the help of the country’s private sectors to provide loans to women in rural areas as part of its way of helping to promote the country’s economic development.

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The president further noted that the country has made significant changes particularly in the legal status‚ attitudes‚ women’s involvement in decision-making‚ especially at the political level‚ in employment‚ education‚ ownership of homes and businesses‚ the justice system‚ and economic participation.

However, he highlighted the need for South Africa to increase its transformation efforts in order to improve the lives of women.

“The SA government was investing in education more than before‚ so that it could use this instrument to improve the lives of women. The education of women and girls was an apex priority‚ he said,

Zuma also cited that women participation in the country’s economy was also critical and that the establishment of women cooperatives and small businesses was being prioritized by SA government including providing support to women traders so that they could earn an income.

“We urge the private sector‚ especially banks‚ to come to the party and provide loans to women‚ especially women in rural areas‚ as part of promoting the economic development and growth envisaged in the National Development Plan.

“Therefore today‚ we set a new commitment to promote financial inclusion for all‚ especially for women and young people.

“We invite the private sector to work with us all the way towards this goal‚” Zuma said.

According to President Zuma, a large number of South African women still lived in difficult conditions. Some communities were still waiting for water‚ electricity‚ sanitation and housing thus making women go through difficult situations to access these them. “It is for this reason that work is continuing to improve the lives of our people each day” he said.

“We know too‚ that women are troubled by unemployment. Work continues to improve the economic situation in the country through working together by business‚ government and labour.” Zuma said.

““Government will not rest until decent basic services reach all our people‚

“The economic situation is difficult for us and the world at large. But we will continue our efforts to improve the situation and create an environment in which the private sector can create jobs‚” Zuma added.

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Speaking about the Women’s Living Heritage Monument at Lillian Ngoyi Square which was unveiled on the women’s day event, Zuma said the monument was a symbol of the bravery and patriotism of South African women‚ and their contribution to the liberation and democracy that we achieved. Their march was not in vain.”

The president paid tribute to the many brave women who took part in the historic 1956 march as well as women who had in contributed in various ways to the freedom the country enjoyed today.

He said it is for their heroic achievements that today SA government continues to work at improving the living conditions of households including those headed by women.