Baleka Mbete Describes State Of SA Politics As Distressing


After the heavy task of seeing to the State of the Nation Address (SONA) last week, the Speaker of the National Assembly Baleka Mbete expressed deep concerns over the state of South Africa’s current politics.

Mbete said on Sunday that;

“The polarization that we are witnessing in politics at the moment, is highly distressing and in this regard, it is our elders who are in the best position to encourage mutual respect and tolerance, listening to each other and tolerating different and diverse views”

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She said this while speaking at an event on human dignity held at Gugulethu in the Western Cape.

Baleka Mbete was mocked and ridiculed by some Members of Parliament (MP) during the State of the Nation Address in the Parliament on Thursday evening. Some others questioned her understanding of her role as the Speaker of the House.

The first group to walk off SONA was the Cope Members of Parliament. They disrupted proceedings after accusing President Jacob Zuma of breaking his oath to the office of the President.

EFF MPs followed suit and were the next to leave the house while proceedings were still on. After disrupting Zuma’s speech severally, they stormed out of the house chanting #Zumamustfall.

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Baleka Mbete spoke ahead of the local government elections, stating that it was very important for the elders in the society to come out en mass to the polls to encourage the younger generation.

She specified how important it was to educate the youngsters about choosing the right leaders for a better society. The older generation should also share their experience and lessons they had learned from the past with the younger generation to equip them to handle what’s to come.