Baddest Rapper AKA Flung R40K Chain To Fans, Now He Wants It Back


SA-born Baddest rapper AKA has got himself some fresh drama after throwing his one of a kind R40 000 Versace chain into a mammoth crowd of fans.

The rapper who performed at the Spring Fiesta concert over the weekend got so excited by the ‘vibes’ and ‘energy’ that he threw his chain into the crowd.

Overwhelmed by the excitement and all, AKA must have been like – ‘what the heck’ as he threw his Versace chain worth R40 000 into a crowd of excited fans. And now that the fog has cleared from his head, he wants it back. Now that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Like What Was I Thinking?

The rapper took to social media on Sunday to relive the events of the previous night. Though he had great fun, he really wants the chain back. In fact, he’s willing to buy it back from whoever has it.

The SA Baddest rapper AKA went on to recount to fans how much he loves the chain and pendant. According to the rapper, it was a gift from a friend and he doesn’t want to lose it. Apparently, his act was not together when he made the generous donation to his unknown fan.

Meanwhile, in his post, AKA didn’t mention how much he’s willing to pay to get the chain back. For the most part, the party animal who caught the chain should be smiling home with a fat cheque.

In the meantime, apart from throwing his chain and shed in the air, AKA also did something to be proud of at the event. He seized the rare opportunity to end the long-standing feud between him and music legend DJ Black Coffee.

AKA offered a hand of friendship to DJ Black during his performance at the Spring Fiesta event in Boksburg, saying he’s a legend.