Back Off Or Else…Solly Msimanga Warns ANC


Mayor Solly Msimanga has sent a note of warning to the African National Congress, ANC, telling them to stay off his back or else he would expose all shady activities of some of its members.

The mayor, who has been heavily criticized by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) for his last trip to Taipei which the party claimed was against the country’s policy.

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The party slammed the mayor saying he did not understand how his trip to Taipei damaged South Africa’s reputation and therefore the Department of International Relations must take away his passport.

Reacting to this, Mayor Solly Msimanga, at a press briefing dismissed the allegation that he flouted the rules of traveling to Taipei to meet with its mayor, stating that he gained permission from the department of international relations and cooperation (Dirco).

He also threatened to release a list of government officials and leaders who have also visited Taipei, if the ANC refuses to back off his case.

“If you want to play this politically and you want to be embarrassed, continue pursuing this, because I will reveal who else has been there in the last two years. You will be very interested to know who has been there, from KZN, national parliament and even here in Tshwane.

“But that would take away from what I want to do, which is to attract investment into the city,” he said as he reiterated that he was granted a diplomatic passport by Dirco, which also issued a visa for his visit.

“It was Dirco who requested that a representative from the capital be sent to represent it in Taipei. That the ANC now seeks to peddle another narrative in the media is entirely disingenuous, schizophrenic and shows the ANC’s response in this regard to be manufactured outrage of the highest order,” he explained

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Mayor Solly Msimanga also accused a member of the ANC of informing the Chinese government of his trip, adding that the ANC cooked up the whole story to hinder the improvement of the capital city.

“No one in China knew about my visit until someone in the ANC caucus informed them, as I spoke to some ANC members.

“Some members didn’t understand what the fuss was about, but only wanted to know the reason for my visit. This has nothing to do with China, but is merely a city-to city visit to see how a world-class metro is run,” he said.

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