Baby Delivered In Traffic Jam With Dad Acting As Midwife


It was an ironic situation as a husband who had not wanted to witness his pregnant wife pushing in the labour room ended up being the midwife at the baby’s birth. The baby delivered in traffic jam was brought into the world by the dad himself – on their way to the hospital when they encountered a traffic jam that delayed them.

The baby was due to come on February 9 but at 1am last week Wednesday‚ Mrs Tshepiso Mbambisa began to feel signs and discomfort but she did not think it was serious. She quickly dismissed the physical signs she was experiencing as Braxton Hicks contractions‚ which are a normal part of pregnancy due to the uterus tightening from time to time. However‚ to be on the safe side‚ they planned to check with the hospital’s maternity sisters “to be on the safe side”.


“When the family arrived at the hospital‚ the beautiful baby girl was lying on her mother’s chest‚ swaddled in a towel‚” said the general manager of Netcare Olivedale Hospital‚ Bets Welman.

“We understand that the father initially had not planned to be present at the birth‚ and that Mrs Mbambisa’s mother was going to be her birthing partner. In the event‚ it seems that Mr Mbambisa’s daughter had other plans as‚ on the way to Netcare Olivedale Hospital‚ Mrs Mbambisa felt the need to start pushing and soon realized that the baby’s head was crowning‚” Welman said.

“Mr Mbambisa had to park on the side of the road‚ and ultimately delivered his daughter himself”.

At birth, the baby weighed 2.8kgs. “The proud parents have named their little bundle of joy Julile‚ and both mother and baby are doing very well. The family told us that the grandmother‚ who was initially expecting to be present at the birth‚ had expressed her wish that the baby would be born on a Wednesday because this was her day off from work. In this respect, little Julile obliged‚” Welman concluded.

The baby delivered in traffic jam really taught her dad a big lesson to not shy away from responsibilities.