Shocking! 10-Month-Old Baby Chloe Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident


Amid concerns over the rising cases of child molestation and murder across South Africa, comes the report of another child of about ten months whose life was taken by unknown men.

The 10-month-old baby from Malibu, Eerste River, was killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident at Sunrise Circle in Muizenberg on Saturday night.

Chloe Louw was with her parents Andre and Lee-ann Louw and 14-year-old cousin and was on their way home after a short visit to their family in Ocean View.

“When I received the call from my brother-in-law Andre between 8pm and 9pm, he said a white bakkie had swerved into them and that the baby was in a critical condition. We were devastated when we found out later that night that Chloe had passed away,” said Chloe’s uncle, Denver Bowers.

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“Chloe was sitting on her mother’s lap in the back seat of the car and my 14-year-old niece, Tasha Abrahams, was sitting in front with my brother-in-law. The bakkie came from the opposite direction as my brother was driving toward Beach Road. After coming around the circle it swerved into their car on the side where Chloe and her mother were sitting. The drivers of the bakkie fled and ran toward the bushes.”

Chloe’s mother sustained minor injuries while her husband Andre suffered a shoulder injury. Police are investigating.

This came after report about 14 people being arrested on drunk driving charges on Western Cape roads.

Provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa said they have also issued fines of R18 700 for traffic-related offences. “There have been no reports of fatalities on the roads thus far.”

Since the start of the year, a shocking number of women and children have been killed in South Africa – many of them at the hands of their intimate friends or men they knew.

One in five (21%) of women in a relationship are said to have experienced physical violence by a partner, Stats SA said in its South Africa Demographic and Health Survey 2016 released in May.

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Almost 900 children were murdered in South Africa from 2015 to 2016, according to the Institute of Race Relations (IRR).

In 2016, the UN ranked South Africa among the world’s 10 most violent nations and the South African Police also confirmed this, revealing that each year 800 to 900 children are murdered.

Since June, in the Western Cape alone, 22 young girls have been killed. “The frustration is that our children are not safe in their community anymore. This is very painful,” said the child welfare association.