Viewers Discretion! Artist Ayanda Mabulu’s Latest Art On State Capture, Dishonorable Or What?

South African visual artist Ayanda Mabulu will not have it easy this time with his latest artwork on the controversial #Zupta state capture.

On exhibition at Constitutional Hill are Mabulu’s latest works depicting President Jacob Zuma holding tight to the butt of one of the Gupta brothers while licking it.

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The not-so-honourable art shows a naked Atul‚ in an aircraft cockpit‚ with an ANC flag hanging by the side and the president butt-licking him.

Ayanda Mabulu

On a second painting, Zuma appears to be asleep as he reclined in what looks like a throne with his private parts exposed.

Maybe Mabula is not trying to disrespect our president after all as he speaks on the painting.

“The work is really aimed at the masters who are controlling our leader. And the Guptas are one of those masters. It’s not personal because it goes beyond the president‚” Mabula explained in an interview.

The artist just couldn’t afford to hide his feelings about state capture in the approach to his work.

“Why must I hide the truth when it is as blatant as the sun‚” Mabulu says when questioned about his use of sexual acts in representing the political leadership of the country.

The two works by Artist Ayanda Mabulu tells the story of how he sees the allegations of state capture by the Gupta family. This includes the constitutional court’s ruling that Zuma has failed to uphold the constitution, following the Nkandla upgrades.

Ayanda Mabulu

A former painting showing the president getting a blow job received condemnation from Zuma’s son last year.

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“My message to Ayanda Mabulu is that President J.G Zuma is a parent and one is prepared to even defend him physically if need be‚” Edward Zuma said in a statement at the time.

The artist also painted another controversial painting on the Marikana massacre. This showed Zuma’s dog attacking a miner as Zuma is about to stand on the head of another miner, while a concerned-looking Julius Malema looks on.