ANC Youth League Calls On Youths To Protect Zuma Following Latest ‘Sex Act’ Painting


Controversial South African artist, Ayanda Mabulu’s latest Zuma painting has received many backlashes over his latest painting.

The painting, which portrayed President Zuma in a sex act with Atul Gupta also attracted public outcry.

Reports had it that Mabulu staged the painting on exhibition at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. The demeaning ‘art’ work formed part of his latest works in commentary on state capture.

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This is not the first time President Zuma is being ridiculed in a painting. In 2010, Cape Town-based South African artist, Brett Murray produced a satirical Zuma painting titled ‘The Spear’.

The work showed Zuma in a pose reminiscent of Lenin, with his genitals exposed. The spear was however vandalized on May 22 2012. And four years later, artist Mabulu decided to walk on hot fire, by painting Gupta’s ‘behind’ being licked by Zuma.

Meanwhile, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has lambasted the controversial artist for the ignoble work.

ANCYL Unhappy With Ayanda Mabulu

Speaking on Wednesday, the league’s spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize said: “We call upon the ANCYL structures where Ayanda resides to engage the fellow on this matter.

We want to caution all that such pictures create anger in some quarters, thus this might create confrontational relations between those that continue to create such pictures.

We call on Ayanda to halt such pictures regardless of who is involved. These pictures are not only demeaning, but also offensive.”

The league said Mabulu’s latest, which depicts likenesses of Zuma and Atul Gupta engaged in a sexual act “is no art work” because it was a total ‘insult’ to Zuma.

The ANCYL also called upon all young people to protect the President’s integrity.

However, the defiant artist denied being disrespectful towards Zuma. He also vowed to go toe to toe with anyone who threatens him.

He asked: “Is he not disrespecting us? Do you know how many children are without food?”

“If Jacob Zuma was a white president, most of the black people now, who seem to be against what I am doing, they would have been clapping hands. If I depicted PW Botha, they would be fine with it.”

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Reactions from twitter indicate many people were not happy with Mbalulu. Their posts read:

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