Axing Zuma: Parliament Watch Outlines How To Kill The Cat With Nine Lives


Zuma’s insistence to remain in office despite raging calls and moves to have him removed has left weary SA citizens pondering on what the country must do to make the move a dream come true. But in a chart, Parliament Watch have given the solution.

Despite the motion of no confidence launched by Zuma’s detractors as part of plans to forcibly kick him out of the presidency the President instead indicated that he would only leave at his own terms and time.

Zuma has for the fifth time, experienced opposition parties launching a motion of no confidence brought against him and an impeachment case hanging in the Constitutional Court and funny enough, the leaders has remained unmoved.

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Well, to make this dream achievable, a body of organizations called Parliament Watch , a part of the Dullah Omar Institute, drew up a skillful chart outlining what processes to be followed to finally have Zuma out.

In the well explained chart, the organization outlined three processed that must be followed and how speaker Baleka Mbete can replace Zuma at the presidential seat.

Take a look at the chart: 

chart 1

chart 2

chart 3

From the above nifty chart by Parliament Watch, there are three provisions in the constitution that allow for the ‘removal’ of a president and one of the three, if not all can be followed to finally unseat Zuma.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have continued with their nationwide mass protest against Zuma appealing to his conscience to resign.

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane warned on Saturday that if President Jacob Zuma does not jump‚ he will be pushed‚ because one man cannot be allowed to hold 56-million South Africans hostage.

“Already a petition on has received close to 300‚000 signatures‚ and counting‚ all calling for Zuma to be removed; a wave of protests swept across the country’s major capitals of Cape Town and Tshwane; both the Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada Foundations have spoken out strongly against the ‘the forces of evil‚ and the rogues‚ and the thieves who want to steal our country from us’‚” Maimane stated.

To push on with the anti-Zuma march, the Eff on Wednesday hosted a “funeral procession” for Zuma signaling the political “death” of Jacob Zuma and his loyalists within the ANC.

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Not minding all the political chaos, President Jacob Zuma is celebrating his 75th birthday along with his allies in Soweto. Zuma spent the morning of Wednesday consulting with ministers, according to a statement from the Presidency.