Australian Mum Finds 3-Meter Long Python Eating Her Son’s Face In His Bed


There are many experiences you’d like to have in your life time, and being woken by a screaming son to find a three meter long python biting down on your child can never be one of them.

Reports have it that an Australian mother saved her son by ripping off a three-meter python that was biting his face.

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As reported, the mum identified as Tammy on social media woke up to the screams of her son Tyler during the night after the snake entered their home.

“The boy, who was sleeping in the top part of a bunk bed, was awoken when the reptile slithered under the sheets and bit him on the hand. It then started attacking his face before Tammy rushed in, snatched it away and called for help,” The Telegraph relates.

A friend of the family, Craig Baker, reportedly killed the snake and even posted a photo he took with the enormous snake on Facebook as shown above.

python biting boy in bed

A spokeswoman for the Mid North Coast Local Health District confirmed the incident when she told The Daily Telegraph that the six-year-old boy was brought into Macksville District Hospital in the early hour of last Friday before being transferred to Coffs Harbour hospital.

Filing this report, the Telegraph stated that “snakes are a common problem in Australia.” According to them, “a homeowner in Maroochy River, Queensland had a nasty shock when he found a snake lurking behind a plug socket” the previous week.

And last month, “experts said a “plague” of snakes had seen a sharp rise in humans and pets suffering bites across the country.”

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