Australian Jobs: Government Of Australia Is In Search For SA Engineers


For South African skilled engineers who are willing to seek greener pasture outside South Africa like Australian jobs, the Australian government has opened its doors to South Africans.

According to news from The South African, the Australian government is in search for skilled and qualified engineers from South Africa.

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Following its desperate need for engineers, the Australian government is willing to give out mouth-watering benefits to experienced and inexperienced engineering graduates.

These benefits include:

  • Site Engineer – AUD 75-95,000
  • Project Engineer – AUD 90-125,000
  • Senior Project Engineer – AUD 125 -150,000
  • Project Manager AUD 150 – 220,000

Quantity surveyors, land surveyors, estimators, planners and programmers as well as civil engineers specialising in infrastructure projects are also in demand for these Australian Jobs.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has two visa streams in which engineers can apply. South Africans willing to take advantage of the Australian Jobs, however, need to acquire one of these visas.

The Skilled Recognised Graduate visa: This kind of visa is granted for a period of 18 months. It can be used by SA engineering graduates who are under the age of 31. Interestingly, this category of people need not have any  work experience to apply for this visa, but must have graduated within 24 months of their visa application.

The skilled recognised graduate visa will not only allow its applicant to work anywhere without restrictions, it also allows the applicant to take a partner and dependent children.

Skilled Independent Visa: This is one of the most powerful visas available to immigrants to Australia. It’s for engineers who have been working for a few years in the industry, or those who are over the age of 31. The Skilled Independent visa allows successful applicants to work in any field they want once they’re in Australia. The visa allows applicants to bring their legal partner and/or dependent children to Australia with them.

The calls from the Australian government comes at the time SA skilled citizens are massively moving out of the country following South Africa’s weak economy, a volatile rand, high rates of unemployment and low salary payment.

Immigration consultant at Compass Migration, Emma Waldorf said that current conditions in SA are pushing skilled are pushing SA younger generation to look at options for moving out of the country.

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Recent ratings cuts to junk status which followed an announced recession were considered the straws that broke SA’s back, leading to an increase in queries from South Africans looking at their emigration options.

The immigration specialist mentioned two countries who constantly pop up among South Africans looking to move overseas include Canada and Australia.

Explaining why this is so, Waldorf said:

  • They have workforce shortages, where skilled workers are needed
  • They have a steady economy
  • There is job security
  • There is political stability
  • They offer state benefits such as free healthcare, social security, free public education etc
  • There are prospects for future growth

“It comes as no surprise why our talented, young adults are seeking options abroad,” Waldorf said.