Give Us A Win And We Will Give You Cows – ANC’s Mabuyane Tells Supporters


Ahead of August 3 municipal elections, politicians across the country have gone extra miles to woo support from voters.

No matter how you look at it, the truth remains that there is this peculiar atmosphere that characterizes election periods across the globe.

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Often, promises are poured on voters during campaigns; also, most homes and communities host politicians of different calibre.

Food parcels, party wears and cash are doled out to people – all in a bid to garner support at the polls.

One of the aforementioned strategies played out during ANC rally in Eastern Cape.

More Promises Ahead Of August 3 Municipal Elections

During the rally, ANC provincial secretary Oscar Mabuyane in Eastern Cape promised the community of ward 7 that two bulls will be slaughtered should the ANC win with 100% in August.

“This ward must give us a win so that we can give you cows. We will slaughter cows that can fill up this entire field. We will do it. We don’t just talk we act,” Mabuyane said.

While the rally lasted, parents slammed the ruling party for positioning an ANC truck close to two schools in the area; this, they said disrupted teaching and learning activities.

Learners from Inyathi primary school and Mzokhanyo high school were seen donning their uniform and listening to speakers at the rally.

A parent who was at the scene said, “How can children concentrate on school work when there is music and cheering outside the window?

What are they saying about my niece’s education? I love the ANC but this was poorly my organised.”

However, Mabuyane, who later spoke to reporters admitted that the event was poorly organized because organizers of the event shouldn’t have placed rally equipment close to the schools.

“I was concerned myself when I arrived seeing that probably the location of the venue isn’t one we would be happy with as the ANC. Unfortunately we arrived and everything has been set up. It must be regretted,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the ANC in the Eastern Cape says it expects a tough battle for control of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro; the industrial heartland of the province.

In the 2011 local government elections, the ANC won with 51.9% against the DA’s 40.1%.

However, the ruling party says its ready to celebrate a resounding victory in the province after August 3 municipal elections.