DA Suggests Other Ways To Punish ANC For Gupta State Capture


Since the ruling party has refused to do something about rumours of state capture by the Guptas family involving the president, the Democratic Alliance has a better idea to discipline the defaulting party.

The opposition urged voters to punish the ANC using the August 3 local polls in the coming local government elections where they can actually exercise a lot of power.

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DA National Spokesperson Refiloe Nt’sekhe said that the ANC has decided not to pursue its probe into the “blatant state capture by the Gupta family – with Jacob Zuma’s tacit consent – reveals yet again that the ANC cannot not be trusted to fight corruption“.

Describing the ANC as a party that only cares about the interest of a few he added:

“Just like the SOE’s that the Gupta’s now control‚ the ANC too has been captured – it is a party that puts the interests of a connected few ahead of the best interests of millions of South Africans‚” Nt’sekhe said, imploring the people not to sit on the fence and let the ANC break laws.

“The truth is the people of our beautiful country cannot sit back and wait for the ANC to change so that the situation will improve. The answer from the ANC at their press conference yesterday (Tuesday) to this assumption was clear: this will never happen.

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“Indeed‚ Jacob Zuma‚ Gwede Mantashe and Cyril Ramaphosa are happy with the status quo of rampant corruption‚ high unemployment and deteriorating service delivery. They put the ANC and Jacob Zuma’s friends first and the people of South Africa last so they also can benefit‚” Nt’sekhe asserted.

It was officially revealed on Wednesday that ahead of August 3 local polls, the ANC has dismissed the State Capture Allegations leveled against President Zuma as ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe divulged that the ANC will no longer bother President Zuma about the state capture allegations against him.

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